Saturday, 8 September 2012

Outfit of the Day by ShopMyIceCreamBus

Guess where the Queen is heading to today?

Yes - To CitySquare Mall for the SAFRA PK Challenge 2012 !!!
 (Thanks to Miao, Wen, Nixeux and Kelvin for coming all the way down to meet me too!)

With thanks to  SHOPMYICECREAMBUS   for the kind sponsor in my today's outfit!

It's named "Pencil Illusion Dress" - and I love it to bits!

It's an interesting dress as it's somehow playing with optical illusion - and makes you look even slimmer than you already are. 

Shiok, right??

I own alot of outfits that actually make me look fat at the waist area, but this one is the opposite. :)

I donned on a Fedora to go along with it, and Miao was commenting on how different I looked today.

Attempting to act cute but it ALWAYS doesn't work... But for the sake of showcasing my favorite dress of the day, here I go!!!!

With Miao:

Remember the "Kate Winslet" style?
Hers is a similar style too - an illusion dress!

Do you like it already and want one too???

If yes,

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Firstly, my sincerest apologies to my readers out there who went down for the SAFRA PK CHALLENGE and couldn't redeem the mystery gift as promised.
(Yes, I received complaints today and one of my friends cum reader actually scolded me of "scamming" them!)


I was not sure why it happened, but the staff at the registration counter said that the free mystery gift redemption only begins NEXT WEEK when I was told by the management earlier that it would be on 8th September 2012!
I was completely appalled as it was too late to make amendments.
When I showed my e-mails to the staff, they were like "Oh shucks. I think they made a mistake."

Speaking of professionalism!!!
How are my readers going to trust me anymore?!?!?!
I'm sorry to any of you who've came down today.. I would still like to thank you for your support nonetheless.

To make ourselves feel better since we were already there, I brought my dearies to Saizeriya - an Italian restaurant that is located at B2 of the mall.

Look at the menu spread!

It was my 2nd time patronizing the place and it didn't disappoint! 
What I LOVE most about the restaurant is its attractive prices and superb quality food that will never fail to leave you craving for more.
(A plate of spaghetti costs as low as only $3.90!)
And they DO NOT charge you for any service taxes/charges at all.
On top of that, you only add $2.80 for unlimited FREE FLOW of any drink of your choice!

Well, pictures always speak a thousand words... So here I go!

The grilled chicken that Kelvin ordered:

Miao's "Mee Soto" - in Italian style!
This is so #(*$)(#$ DELICIOUS that I just couldn't resist sticking my spoon onto her plate to steal few mouthfuls!

Look at how happy she is:

And that's my Chicken bolognese baked macaroni! 
It's so effin' cheesy and just the right amount!!
I truly enjoyed every bite!

Wen's baked rice.
Not bad, although she commented it was too cheesy for her x_x

That's nixeux's grilled fish.I am sure it tastes as good as it looks!

Taking a random shot in between bites. NICE ANGLE RIGHT??! Hahaha!

After we were done with our meals, we headed for the next activity we girls are BEST at:

What else other than camwhoring??!! 


That's us. The "4' musketeers.

Me and my "attempt-to-look-sexy-but-failed" expression. LOL.

(Thanks to Wen for the photo as this was taken using her camera.)

I see an Ang Moh in the background. *spins*

When we headed out of the toilet, I saw "fishes" on the wall and began my craziness:

Headed to IKEA afterwards and had my favorite MEATBALLS.
Honestly, I didn't used to consume BEEF or anything that has to do with it... But this plate of meatballs here is my life-long exception! 


That's wen's tasty chicken set.
I've never tasted it before and didn't have the chance to as I was already full by the time I finished my meatballs. 

(I'm so freaking contented ever since I bought the new camera. I can finally capture nice and un-blurry photos for you people!)

Kelvin's Salmon set:

Chocolate ice-cream, I guess?

Shopping at IKEA has always been a fun experience. I just love strolling the different sections.
Look at those lights that they have in store!
I would love to have them if I have a house of my own. *dreams*

 Look at that! This is part of the store, not a real room!
But I felt so totally at home. Muwahaha~

How about accepting my love from me to you?

Our "30-year" photo: *inside joke* LOL.

I was camwhoring and suddenly Wen smacked her hand right in front of my face.. and the shot turned out like this  =_= :


Wen was placing this heart thingy at my back.

Sorry that I've been flooding this entry mainly with my face! LOL.
I realized that my blogging lifestyle is back again - I'm becoming more active now!!! :)
Thanks for supporting me if you happen to be one of my "silent" readers. I'll keep the fire burning!!

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