Tuesday, 11 September 2012

[REVIEW] Revita Lens

I am sure every contact lens wearer would always remember their first experience, just like I do - in a painstaking way.

From learning how to insert those soft plastics on those poor eyes to the frustration of having to take them out, it sure is a tedious task!

(Imagine that - I actually took more than 3 hours just to learn how to insert those lenses in! I got so fed up that I ended up crying. I guess I learned it the hard way.)

And when I finally did learn the techniques, I became a contact lens addict (I believe it's obvious from almost all of my photos, if you've noticed!)

NOT only that, I became a contact lens cleanliness freak as well. As if I have not watched enough scary videos and heard horror stories of infected eyes already! 

As much as contact lens can bring you better vision and more beautiful eyes, one must not neglect the fact that cleanliness must be maintained, and to handle those lenses with proper care.

And the type of solution that is used to clean your lenses is just as IMPORTANT too.
The very first bottle of solution I used STUNG my eyes to such an extent that I felt my eyes were on fire. I am not exaggerating - it is true and I was just speaking from personal experience.

Initially, I felt that this was just a normal process - until I read from online sources that the main problem lies in the SOLUTION.

I was worried as I still had more than a quarter of the solution left - and I didn't want to waste my money.
As it continued to sting my eyes every single time I used my lenses after cleaning it, I decided this was it.

I threw the bottle away.

(Yes, if the solution actually STINGS your eyes, it is a sign telling you that the solution you are using isn't suitable for you.)

And soon, I was on a quest to find "THE RIGHT ONE" for my eyes.

I tried different brands of solutions to check what worked - and so far only 2 brands worked for me.

With 1 that was recently discovered.

I am sure you would have seen this in departmental stores:


 The back view of the packaging:

What's inside the trial pack:
-Instruction manual
-Tightly-sealed bottle
-Contact lens case

Gonna open the seal now!

Honestly, I somehow lost trust in other brands after using my previous eye-stinging solution.
I ACTUALLY GOT SO NERVOUS trying out Revita Lens as I wasn't sure if it would have similar negative results.



After rubbing and cleaning my contact lens with Revita Lens solution, I finally inserted those 2 soft plastics into my eyes and expected for the burning sensation to come.
VERY much to my pleasant surprise, my eyes felt completely normal and I didn't feel anything at all. 
I felt good and the feeling of having the lenses settle nicely on my eyes provide such a great comfort.

And because of its compact size, I can actually bring it out with me wherever I go! I have seen in departmental stores that they do come in larger sizes as well, but that can wait when I am done with the trial pack. :)

If you are a contact lens wearer like me, you can try this out yourself too if you haven't! 
(Of course, different results vary for different individual. What may be suitable for me may not be suitable for you, or vice versa.)
I am just recommending what IS suitable for me for your reference! 

Always remember that it is ALWAYS IMPORTANT and a CRUCIAL act to take good care of your eyes. Contact lenses may be your best friend and enemy at the same time if you do not shower them with proper care.
(I am sure you wouldn't want those micro-organisms to creep and affect your corneas, which often is a high risk for contact lens wearers, no???)

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