Friday, 26 October 2012

Do LG phones really suck?

I have heard so many complaints over LG phones throughout the years - enough to shoo me away from purchasing one myself despite the temptations due to their beautiful phone designs.

I remembered falling in love with this particular model a few years back:
(Don't they just look goooood??!!)

I felt that they have one of the best designer teams around!

Unfortunately... Many had complained of the durability and lag-ness of the phone. Although I can't really comment much as I have never been a LG user before, but my friends around me who have used this brand would swear never to purchase it again.

Honestly, I am quite a simple user. I don't ask for more (Heck, I don't even need games on my phone!)
The key points to my perfect phone:

1) Good Battery Life (Even if the design is superb but lacks battery life, it won't fall under my consideration!)

2) Doesn't lag. (Yes, some phones are SO "laggy" that I would have to wait a LONG time just to get to the inbox, and another LONG time just to type a message. Such phones get on my nerves!)

3) Ability to connect to Wifi (I'll need to check my e-mails!)

No, I don't need phones to play angry birds. (I am not a gamer, so I guess I don't really expect that much from a phone.)

I am not sure if LG phones have improved ever since, but I doubt I'll ever try it as there are simply too many bad reviews.
The worst I heard from an ex- LG phone owner was that the phone broke after falling from a height that was not even high. On top of that, the lag-ness of the phone was "amazing" to such an extent that he had to place the phone at one side just to wait for it to finish scrolling =_=

Oh man.
So.. Do LG phones really suck???


  1. They really sucked. I had one of these and the keypad cracked out of nowhere. It fell out and proceeded to spread. Oh and it had a habit of auto disengaging my calls even before I picked up so everyone thought I picked up then hung up on them. Oh well, at least it was pretty while it lasted.

  2. Awww! Sounds like a bad LG experience indeed! >_< Guess I will never purchase LG phones ever. They are pretty, but not durable at all. Shucks. I hope your current phone is serving you well after the bad LG experience!!