Monday, 29 October 2012

Featuring my laopo Shreky and I - Tiong Bahru Bakery! :)

Not sure if any of my readers here have tried Tiong Bahru Bakery before?
I just did today - for the first time, with recommendation from my laopo Shreky! :)

It is basically a cafe that sells bread, puffs and stuff. Not your ordinary neighborhood bakery though! 
You'll know what I meant as you read on. :)

It has been a loooong time since I last met Shreky (YES I MISS YOU!) , and I was all hyped up for it!

Tiong Bahru Bakery is 2 bus stops away from Tiong Bahru station. (It is within walking distance, but we didn't know the directions and ended up taking the bus. LOL.)

Yep, it's at Eng Hoon St.

We had to walk through this nostalgic lane:

Here we are!
(I love the design of the logo. Reminds me of those chinese chop/stamps. LOL)

The wooden-looking door can actually turn 360 degrees!

Just a random shot when I went in:
It feels kinda like a restaurant place right?!

I was being WOW-ed over when I entered the place. It was as if I had entered into a small countryside cafe in another country. The ambiance of the place with soft music playing in the background was awesome. Definitely an ideal place to chill out with friends on a weekend.

Look at the variety of bread they offer! Very different from what you usually see in other places, right?
(And the price is VERY different, too. LOL *coughs*)

Another "series":

Yes, I am that evil to make you salivate. (I just LOVE making readers salivate)

Shreky and I ordered Almond Croissant and Chocolate Croissant respectively:

Okay, I am lazy to upload the higher resolution so I just extract these photos from my Facebook. Pardon the poor quality!

Look at the almond nuts!
I don't usually like the taste of almonds, but I actually find this acceptable when I tried a few bites. It has this tinge of sweetness that will just have you craving for more after each bite.

LOL, can you just feel the chocolate melting in your mouth as you bite into it??!
The exterior of the Croissant was really crunchy. :)

Me posing with the Croissant before letting it flow into my digestive system. LOL:

My Shreky posing with hers:
(LOL, I love this expression! Hahaha)

Took polaroids using Shreky's camera and she gave these 2 to me. Awww... 

I have them safely in my wallet now! :D

Gosh, I look like a self-obsessed woman putting these in my wallet.
But who cares!

Us being crazy:

Walked around after our meal and came across this lane that I felt was worth a shot:
Doesn't it look like a scene from those Mediacorp dramas you have always watched?! LOL. Especially those gangster fight scenes, etc.

A blurred photo as we tried the Timer mode. But oh well~

Come , care for a ride?? Hop in , baby!:)

Shreky gave me these cute birthday pressies. 
It's Kitty themed! OMG, thanks SHREKY! 
I love them! =D

A moustache necklace from My Black Shop , given by Shrek too. It's in my favorite shade of neon orange! OMG, I can't wait to wear it out :)
I'll be posting up an advertorial for the online store as well in time to come, do stay tuned! :)

Ending my post on a happy note! :)
Thanks SHREKY for accompanying me and making my day such a fun-filled one. It was a pity that we didn't get to spend more time together, but am sure that we will have the chance to again! :)
It sure is a blessing to have such a lovely friend like you, and you are a God's gift to me!
*I know your goosebumps are creeping up on your arms now*

Thinking back, how time flies since our poly days. I still remember vividly those times when we were in the same class, having lunch together and crapping around like crazy people.
It felt like yesterday! 
*Gosh, I sound like an old woman reminiscing the old days* =_=
Nonetheless... ...

I love you shreky!!! =D Hehe

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