Monday, 29 October 2012

[Belated Birthday Family Dinner] Crystal Jade Kitchen

Headed to Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Clementi with my bro-in-law and family :)
It was actually my first time trying this out!
Thanks to my bro-in-law, Jonathan, for the treat.

My cheeky little niece, Victoria:
(I hope her mommy doesn't kill me when she sees this unglam photo being posted here!)

It's all about eggs:

Okay, I am not a professional like some food bloggers out there when it comes to food (I am only a complain queen, hello!)

But I still enjoy making people salivate:

The YangZhou fried rice that tasted damn good:

And here comes the prawns, coated in yolk? (At least it tasted like yolk!)

Close-up of the delicious prawns:

I guess this is my sis's favorite?
Roasted duck :3

Now,that's pork:

Minced meat! I didn't really like the taste of the green-colored veggies (Argh, I don't know what it is called)
But the look of it is appealing, isn't it!

Another close-up again.
(My stomach is starting to grumble now at this stage. Karma!)

I ordered Mango Pudding for dessert:
The serving is small, but the taste definitely has a WOW factor:

Add in some milk to enhance the taste:
Riigghtt.. Here you go:

It was a fabulous dinner and I am sincerely touched that my family actually spent time to celebrate my birthday with me! :) Thanks thanks thanks!! 
I'm a blessed girl.

Before ending this entry.. Here's a nonsensical photo - Featuring my nephew and niece!

It's spreading like wildfire! GAAH!

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