Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ignorant bus drivers

This is atrocious!

Why are bus drivers so ignorant nowadays?? Are they even trained in helping the handicapped?

I was waiting for my usual bus one evening and witnessed a wheelchair-bound elderly stretching out his hand in an effort to catch the driver's attention.

Horror of all horrors, he was ignored. Can you imagine how helpless he must have felt when the bus driver allowed all others to board the bus EXCEPT him? There wasn't any attempt of eye contact, let alone providing assistance!

Yes, the bus driver of plate number SBS8331T, I am talking about you! 

As a result, the poor old man had to remain at where he was and wait for another bus to come by (and hopefully the next bus driver is kind enough to notice him)

Honestly, I felt so emotional witnessing this scene. I may not know who the old guy is, but still, ANYONE with a heart will definitely feel the same way as I did.

Of course, I am not going to "hate on" all bus drivers just because of 1 ignorant fellow.

But seriously, some drivers should just brush up on their attitude!! 

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