Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Keypad VS Touchscreen phones

I have been using this mobile phone for quite some time now:

(Image credits to:

It's the Nokia X5, by the way.

Yes, I get a lot of people asking WHY I am still stuck at this "Keypad" trend while almost everyone else has already moved on to touchscreen phones.

Honestly, I have NEVER owned touchscreen ones before. I have been adapting my life to keypad ones and am a LOYAL fan to that.

The world is so different now. People are starting to look down on such phones. (For you ignorant people out there, I have WIFI access and can use Whatsapp on my keypad phone, too, FYI!)

Android & Apple users are getting so used to applications that mobile phones have already lose their original purpose.

In the past, mobile phones were only meant for texting and calling. That was it. Games only existed in separate devices such as Sony PSPs, Nintendo DS, etc. (I believe many of you out there have been there, done that... Riiiighhhtt?)

On top of that, phones weren't meant to take photos either. Those were the "let-the-camera-do-the-job" days.

Well... It's a undeniable fact that the world is constantly changing. Mobile phones are no longer just a ... mobile phone.
It has to act as a camera, gaming device, internet kiosk, etc. 
(YES, I know. Technology is so advanced nowadays and nobody can stop it from evolving.)

And here comes the question...
Why am I still holding on to a keypad phone despite the ever-changing Technology?
 The reason is simple.

I love the physical touch of the keypad. (Not that I have a fetish or anything =_=)
If you are a loyal keypad user yourself too, I am sure you will understand what I mean.
Nothing beats an actual and PHYSICAL keypad.

I love the fact that my fingers can feel the buttons when I am typing. (Heck, I can even type when I am not looking at my phone!)
And its impossible with touch screens. Try doing it and your words will get messed up by your auto-correcting feature when you are not looking.

And I am proud to say that my keypad phone is more durable than yours. Try dropping yours on the ground and see if it'll still be a complete piece when you pick it up.

I used to be a HUGE Samsung fan. I remembered looking forward to their new series of phone models during the keypad days. I would have a hard time choosing between flip phones, QWERTY ones, normal ones, etc. It was so much fun! Phones were so much more colorful then (instead of the typical choice of black and white these days =_=).

And I remembered dropping my poor Samsung flip phone into the toiletbowl at work while replying to a text message one fine day - and lo' & behold - it still survived!

But... ...

Look at Samsung now.
The only keypad phones that seemed to be existent from them are army phones. It is a sad fact that they are no longer producing nice keypad phones anymore.
The designs are a one-kind rectangular now... And not to mention the size is CONSTANTLY growing bigger.

So much that it's ridiculous.
One example?
Take a look at their Galaxy Tab (No offence if you happen to be a user. I am just stating my 2 cents):


Why the heck would you carry such a large-sized mobile device on your hand?
Isn't a mobile device meant to be small and convenient... Something that you can easily slot into your pockets?
No offence there, but I somehow think a person will look silly when using it to make calls, especially if you have SMALL ears/ hands.

And let's welcome the second runner-up, the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Okay, at least it looks better than the Galaxy tab, in terms of design and size. BUT still, it's still BIG.
Some of you won't feel it because you are used to it already.
I've tried holding it and damn, it is unsightly on small hands.

And I believe such phones require a huge battery consumption, judging from its size! It's no wonder portable mobile chargers are so popular now.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not condemning touchscreen phones or trying to be biased here. (Okay, maybe I am a little biased, but still....)
I agree that touchscreens can be useful to a large extent. For example, easier browsing of web and navigation, zoom function, etc.
It's just that I am more of a person who text, hence the reason why I am more particular in terms of keypads.
I've tried typing on phones that are touch screens for testing purposes, and I had such a tough time trying to type just a simple sentence. It made me mad!

Sadly enough, I know my days using a keypad phone are numbered. As much as I dread to use them, I know I have to keep up with the Technology. (Especially when I am working in an IT-related industry) On top of that, I wouldn't have much choice when keypad phones become extinct, would I?
Judging by the rate it's going, I believe keypad phones are indeed on the verge of extinction.

Well.... There's a first time for everything, I guess.
I do hope my journey on touch screens is going to be a happy one and probably I can prove myself wrong one day.

P/S: Even though I am not using touch screens at the moment, I am still keeping up with the trend and technology. Yes, I did research!!

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