Tuesday, 16 October 2012

SAFRA Movie Treat: Taken 2

Thanks to the kind folks at SAFRA for the exclusive movie - TAKEN 2 invite!

"TAKEN 2" Poster:

Exciting 1.5 hour movie that are simply filled with action. My eyes were all glued to the screen!
Despite the fact that some parts are quite unbelievable (eg: a car that still looked perfect and shiny even after going through accident after accident =_=), the movie is still worth watching as a whole.
You'll love the intensity.

Check out more details of the movie here:

Tampines Mall: Just a random shot of me and Wen:

After the movie, we headed over to The Old Malaya Cafe to have our dinner. 
I simply love the decorations in there! It almost felt like I was walking into a museum instead of a cafe.

Here are some shots that I took while waiting for our food. I am sure these will send some of you vintage collectors crazy.

Look at this lovely bike! Yes, it does look old, but in a good vintage way!
Sorry though, all of the items are not for sale. :( (YEAH, sad)

I wonder if this has ever been used??

I can just imagine putting some paos in it. LOL.

Antique telephone! Is that real, too??

Did I scare ya?

Have you ever tasted Pontian noodles?
The one at The Malaya Cafe tastes different - IN A GOOD WAY! The usual noodles you find in other places are darker in color-  but this apparently has a lighter shade.
Well.. I do not know exactly how to describe it, but the taste is just... different. 
After eating so many types of wanton noodles in Singapore, nothing beats this one.

You can try it out at the branch at 313 Somerset or Tampines Mall , if you are living in the East.

Gaah, why am I torturing myself by staring at this photo??

I tried the "K.L Curry Noodles".
(Unfortunately, it isn't as tasty as I expected. I prefer the Pontian noodles better still!)

On our way home, I "booked" the whole MRT cabin.
*proud owner*

Mine... The train is mine... ..


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