Saturday, 20 October 2012

Singapore Flyer - FrightFest 2012

(If you wish to look at our Halloween makeup/costume without the hassle of reading my long-winded post, then please scroll all the way down.)

Gosh, I can't even begin to tell you how SUCKY of an experience it had been for my friends and I at FrightFest 2012 (Singapore Flyer's Halloween event).

It was such a letdown that our anticipation were exchanged for disappointment and anger.
I mean, we NEVER thought it would be THAT bad.
Now is the best time to unleash my complaining talent as a SG COMPLAIN QUEEN.

This was what happened:

We reached around 7 plus to complete our Halloween makeup and rushed down to queue up for the entry to the "Haunted Trial".

Here's the deal: They kept us waiting in the queue for more than 2 freaking hours. We were only allowed entry at 10.30pm!

Can you imagine that? 
I mean, it's not like we CAN'T wait. But the waiting time just to enter a SMALL compound is JUST. TOO. MUCH.

It's not like there were many Halloween attractions there to keep us entertained.


(They only allowed a small group of people to enter. Judging by the crowd, they should have allowed MORE to enter! Don't they know how to adjust to situations and manage the event?!)

I did hear that they do have other fringe activities such as Bazaar, etc. 
And guess what?

We couldn't even enjoy those activities because most of our time was spent on WAITING! When we came out from the trial, EVERYTHING was OVER. 

The Bazaar had closed, etc, and we didn't even have time to walk around and explore things on our own.

To make matters worse, we were told by the staff that NO PHOTOGRAPHY was allowed while inside the haunted trial. (This explains WHY there isn't any photo of the haunted trial in my entry here.)


Hello??!! THE TICKET COSTS $25 EACH, with MOST of our time spent on waiting for a sucky 15 minutes trial (AND NOT EVEN SCARY AT ALL), and YOU DON'T EVEN ALLOW PHOTOGRAPHY FOR KEEPSAKE PURPOSES?

Then what is the point of organizing a Halloween event if we can't even have the leisure of taking photos?

I have personally went to many other places in Singapore who held similar events (even LARGER-SCALE than FrightFest 2012), and the most BASIC thing they allowed was PHOTOGRAPHY. What is FUN without photos?

So what is the problem with FrightFest?

Is it because your makeup artist(s) did not do his/her job, and that is why you do not want us to take photos of the "ghosts", for fear that their poor makeup will be exposed?


Is it because you are so ashamed of your own event that you do not wish people to take photos for comparison with other organizations?

What a huge joke!

The ONLY photo that we, the PAYING customers, were allowed to take was the entrance area -IN FRONT of a makeshift GREENSCREEN

They will insert the background using computer effects =_=. They don't even have a life-like REAL background.
(Come on, the staff were even dressed in such an unprofessional manner. They just don a cape over their home clothes, complete with a skeleton mask that anyone can get for a cheap price from Cold Storage.)

And those staff were actually expected to be the highlight of the photo-taking. 

Worse still, FrightFest actually CHARGED money for each photo taken using THEIR camera. In other words, we CANNOT use our own camera. The only way to have a momento of the event is through them. Money suckers, no?

YOU ARE NOT HUMAN IF YOU DO NOT FEEL THE LEAST BIT OF ANGER from being treated this way as a paying customer.

Waiting 30 mins to 45 minutes is still considered fairly reasonable, but 2 freaking hours is way overboard. What more fun can we have since we cannot even go anywhere after the wait as the shops had closed, etc?

In summary,
We spent so much time putting on our makeup since afternoon, we queued from 8.30pm to 10.30pm, entered the trial that lasted less than 15 minutes, came out to wash off our makeup AND RUSHED FOR THE LAST TRAIN HOME.

Yes, Thank God.

That was it.

We spent our highly anticipated Halloween in this manner. How pathetic.


(Gosh, how can they even have the cheek to SELL so many tickets to people and yet unable to fulfill its main purpose??)

没这么大的头 就别戴这么大的帽!

If Singapore Flyer continues to keep up this kind of standard, I strongly advise them NOT to organize such events anymore in future.
They only had ONE and ONLY trial that is built around a small area. And it really beats me how the queue can be THAT long for such an area.

For your info, my group isn't the first and only one who complained. I heard people around us TALKING about the queue because it was just too much. 

It was not even a worthy wait. Trial was too short, and it wasn't even scary.
(Their area is apparently not dark enough to create the atmosphere!)
The only FUN we had was our own FUN by scaring random people in the queue. The reactions were hilarious.
That was it. 

Seriously, I won't be a returning customer for future years.
It was my FIRST time to FrightFest and an unpleasant one. Probably it will be my last if they did not do anything to improve the situation.

I feel sorry for anyone who has plans to attend the event.
You are basically paying to WAIT :)
Be mentally prepared.


Our look for Halloween 2012:

(Both Wen and I transformed into temporary makeup artists and came up with this look for Ah Miao.)
What do you think? :)

I am personally pleased with the results because there were people who were scared of her and even screamed! 

And that's myself and Wen:

My 3 lovely friends: ~

So much effort. So little fun.
Oh well.


  1. I been to the review
    I was disappointed as with the whole thing
    It was just that it didnt have enough blockahe to make it as dark as possible and you can still ser everything around you. They say it was done by sp student but it seem to be low budget and the prop seem to repeat of last year
    Go to USS it 5 time better and 1000 time scarier

  2. HI WaterMelonAidan,

    Yeah, it was a total disappointment. I agree with you about the darkness of the area. The atmosphere to create scary effects is just not there. Personally, I think that it is not a suitable place to organize such events.
    And yes, I found out that it was done by SP students too who were under the Diploma of Project Management. I haven't been to the one last year, but I doubt it will be any better if the standard was the same.
    I will be looking forward to attending the one at USS next year! But I am afraid of the queuing time again. I heard the waiting long is crazy, too. But I guess it's worth the wait if its 1000 times scarier!

    1. Last year wasn't good too but it was thier first so I guess can learn
      Was shock that it still the same this year. Nothing much change
      The queue at USS is long but it worth the wait! You will be spook ever you not easily spook
      Get the express ticket to avoid the queue!

      The sp student didnt do enough research I guess n it like low budget