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[Media Preview] Museum of Horrors 2012

I was invited to the Media Preview of Museum of Horrors 2012 (Organized by *SCAPE), which has returned for a third installment!


It was an additional bonus for me as it fell on my birthday as well, and it sure was a... ... different feeling entering the scary place alone. (I didn't bring any friends along for the event.)

Almost everywhere in *SCAPE was decorated with "Zombie Outbreak" stickers, and I thought it was cool!

Beware. Zombies Inside.

I reached the place way too early, and went on a photo-taking spree.

Do you dare enter the doors and play with the zombies?

I love it that they even placed a booth of props outside for all to take photos freely.
Look at the severed heads!
What will you do if you find it beside your bed in the morning?
*evil laugh*

You have been warned:

I was accompanied by 4 other bloggers, and we were the first batch to enter!
*shivers in excitement*

We were led through the doors by a staff from Movie Mania (He was dressed in a doctor's lab suit!) and he gave us a tour around the place while explaining the storyline to us.

The first stop. There is no turning back now.

The first stop is just an "introductory" session. Witness what the doctor has to say before you embark on the journey. Brace yourselves as you come face-to-face with his failed creations at a later stage.

Be greeted by this disfigured prop.


Proceeding on with our journey:
(Yes, it's VERY dark inside)

There were strings of "spiders" dangling everywhere as you pass through the corridor to the second room.

And here, we arrived.
The room was filled with "centipedes", "cockroaches" and other insects. Enough to make you gag.
(Yes, it was actually a real person lying there motionlessly. But you'll never know if he will lunge at you any moment!)

Artistic photo I took (LOL!):

Look around the room. Don't be surprised that there are hidden zombies in a section.
Pleading for you to let them out. Will you do it?

Another mysterious "creature" sitting silently at the corner of the room, unmoving. (But he will suddenly "scream" at you at random timings!)

Look at how "bloody" the wall is!

I love how the bat was hanging at a corner. Mysterious!!

We slowly proceeded to the next room, known as the "Mortuary":

The atmosphere was tense!
It was such a sight with so many "dead' bodies lying around while covered in white sheets. Its like you won't know when one of them would jump and scream at you any moment!
I eyed each one of them suspiciously.

Standing at the corner in the dark room was this hooded girl. We actually spent time guessing whether she is a real person or prop! LOL.
Believe me, it isn't easy differentiating them in all of the dark rooms.
The reason you are able to see them clearly through the photos is due to my camera's flash.

What lies beneath the barred door?

And here they are!! Quickly make your move or they will come after you...

Entering another corridor to the other room requires some guts. There seemed to be hundreds (ok, I am exaggerating =_=) of "hands" reaching out for you.
The hands felt so real that you would think for a moment that they are!!

Here we are, with another hooded figure welcoming you:

A prop?

NO, HE is real!!
(He actually stood up from the chair and came toward us. OMG!)

Kudos to this scare actor! I remember him from last year (Yeah, I was there as well) and he was one of the scare actors that left a deep impression on me.
Superb acting skills.
He would really give you the creeps!!

A motionless figure again:

Would you try out the frozen food?

We were handed a pair of 3D glasses before entering another room that was decorated with neon-colored words. Wearing them actually produces an amazing effect as everything will look as though it is "popping" out. Totally dimensional.

And you know what?
It is inclusive of 4D effects as well due to the fact that you can even SMELL them.
I actually smelled intestines. Hmmm..

Everything was just so surreal.

Unfortunately, I couldn't capture the dimensional look as you'll need the glasses. Still, it looks awesome on my photos!

Contaminated Area - Enter at your own risk.
But there is no turning back now.

A beautiful place where horror awaits. (Ironic, huh?)

What can you see in the darkness?

Seriously, I think the interior of the 3D was scary in a beautiful manner. I have always loved neon colors.
Nonetheless, do beware as you walk the room. You'll never expect when the next good scare is coming as there will be "something" hiding at every corner you turn!

A galaxy of hand prints left by zombies:

Exiting from the 3D room led us to another.

Do you see anything suspicious here?

Taking a closer look:

I was totally taken aback by this "ghost" here as she suddenly appeared from the cupboard that I wasn't aware of.

Walking further in was an "old lady" that laid still on the bed.
She would suddenly shake her body as though she was possessed.
Don't stare at her too long though!

Superb makeup:

Nearing the end, we meet this little "kid":
(It may be a different character you'll come face to face with as they actually CHANGE the endings for each journey!)

Well... I am glad I survived the journey!! YAY!

Attending bloggers were given a "survival kit" each before/after the journey. Interesting stuff!

Boo! Did I scare ya? LOL.

A water gun included meant for us to shoot the zombies. LOL. Pardon my messy hair. I had one hell of an experience back at Museum of Horrors afterall!

Playing with the ring light:

For those of you who have been to Museum of Horrors during the previous years, do not miss out this year's as well!

(Yes, there were people who actually screamed from the entrance till they reached the exit. So you can judge for yourself how scary it would be!)

This year's Museum of Horrors was conducted with a different twist. It has a STORYLINE, and you will actually be a part of it. Witness the story of a crazy doctor and his lab!

Yes, those "ghosts" will find an opportunity to catch you unaware at every turn. *evil laugh*

What's most interesting about the whole Museum of Horrors journey is that there are different endings on random days. This means that you can actually return to the same place but experience alternate endings each time you embark on a journey at Museum of Horrors!

Nothing beats personal experience, so act fast by purchasing your tickets to Museum of Horrors 2012 now!

Date: 18th October 2012 - 31st October 2012

Time: 6pm -11 (Monday-Friday & Sunday, except 31st October 2012)

6pm - 12 midnight (Saturday & 31st October 2012)

Venue: *SCAPE Warehouse

Price: OFF PEAK $22, PEAK $25

Get your tickets online and receive $10 *SCAPE retail vouchers for every ticket purchased!!

Not convinced? Here's the trailer to pump your excitement:

Do visit for more ticketing information and details!!!

*And yes, photography is allowed and you can even touch or play around with their props!*
There will be so many photo opportunities for you and your friends. :)

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
You have been warned.

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