Monday, 12 November 2012

[Advertorial] Mon's Nailstore

Nail Art lovers and enthusiasts are so gonna love me for this entry!

If you are someone who loves decorating and blinging up your nails through an affordable BUT beautiful way, here's definitely something you should look out for. ^__^

Introducing you...

The owner of Mon's Nailstore has kindly sponsored me a set of nail art accessories, completed with nail glue!

The set came in the mail, with the items neatly laid and nicely bubble-wrapped.
(There are times when mails do get thrashed around by the postmen and items may not arrive in the condition they were sent in. #truestory)

But if you happen to come across sellers like Mon's Nailstore, they would assure the safety of your package!

Look at the spread! I took this photo before I unwrapped them from their individual plastics.

Here's my favorite of the lot - Rhinestone stars! :)

(And mind you, they are of good quality! Definitely not those cheap sticker-looking kind that you can find from outside stores.)

It has a neat arrangement - separated by the different colors that would have you spoilt for choice.

Here's a close-up look. Yes, the colors are very vibrant in reality, too. :)

And as below are fimo canes that came in assorted designs. Mon's Nailstore was so sweet to add in extra designs for me.
I literally went "Awwwwww... ..." when I saw them.

Which do you like best? :)

I can't CHOOSE because they are all too cute for words, especially the Doraemon! Hahaha. Instead of only the head, it actually has a full-body design.


Look at these beautiful green color steel balls!

You can totally create amazing 3D nail art with them.

Now, don't underestimate those little steel balls. Here's a rough idea how you can achieve that beautiful 3D nail art look in only a few simple steps (It looks FUN too!):


Yes, steel balls!! =D

With the set, I invited Abrial (she loves decorating her nails!) over and we had fun playing with it.
She had chosen blue as her main color for the nails, and decorated her design with a wee bit of the steel balls on it.

Can you spot the steel balls? :)

There are actually many different ways that you can unleash your creativity with through nail art. From plain boring nails to 3D nails, it's all possible!
Just like us, your nails need pampering too. Beautifying them with nail art is just like dressing up - You can do it in any way you want to.

Do drop by Mon's Nailstore's Facebook page (or "LIKE" the page to stay updated!) and have a look - You may just find what you need for your next nail art inspiration!

Not only that, they do conduct Pre-orders as well for many other rare designs and accessories!

I've heard that color-changing nail polish is in the trend (Fancy that - How cool it is to have your nail color changing by itself? LOL)
This is one such example of the color transformation. (No, its not photoshopped!)
It's fuchsia below 33° C and becomes pink above 33° C!

Photo credits to: Mon's Nailstore

That's not all! Mon's Nailstore offers brushes, stamping nail art, acrylic set & more! 
Your nails are gonna' love you for that. Haha.

Do check out their site as well at:

The owner had actually shared and posted up many different self-created nail art that I find inspiring. Do take a look yourself to find out! :)

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