Tuesday, 13 November 2012

[Media Invite] ilovebooks.com

Hi lovely readers!


So were you at the SWF (Singapore Writer's Festival) 2012 during the weekend?!

I was invited to ilovebooks.com event for "The Diary of Amos Lee" last Sunday (Thanks, Charlene!) and I am back to share with you lovely readers of my experience. 
I am sure many of you (or your kids) would have heard of the famous title before (It was even converted to a kids drama series on OKTO!)

With the opportunity to meet the original creator behind those famous characters, it was certainly something not to be missed!

On our way there (Pic taken using my new mobile phone. Gosh, we look so freaking-ly white after the edit!):

Both Abrial and I reached quite early so as to ensure we were at the correct venue.
Yes, it's held at one of the areas in SMU (Singapore Management University), and it wasn't difficult to locate. :) (I know, I know...I have never went there before, so I was quite a noob!)


Walking in further, we spotted the sign! :)

I love those heart-shaped balloons! They were meant to be given to the attending kids at the end of the session. How sweet and thoughtful. :')

Ready to be seated. (Majority of the participants were parents, whose kids are major fans of the famous Amos Lee series!) :)

The goodie bag that was given to all the attendees.
(ilovebooks.com has been very kind to sponsor a few of those for my blog readers, too! If you are one of those who had submitted your entry based on my previous post, do keep a lookout in your inbox! I have contacted you guys specifically.) 

Camwhored abit (my usual style. LOL!) before the commencement:

Excited kids:

And here's the moment we've been waiting for!
The lady behind the famous books - Adeline Foo
( As someone who used to aspire to be an author, I find her a very inspiring lady! I love the way she interacted with the audience, too.)

During the session, she shared with us her personal life (that included her adorable children), and everything under the sun about her Amos Lee series. 
Not sure if you know, but it is an interesting fact that the famous Amos Lee was actually an inspiration derived from her own son!

Some of the shots I caught while she was showing us some slides (My apologies for the poor quality of the photos due to the lighting)

For the Amos Lee fans: Have you got these as part of your collection? ;-)

And here's another important personality behind those series! 
She is Stephanie Wong, the illustrator who had worked so hard to draw and design all the famous characters that you see in the books :)

All of them worked hand-in-hand to come up with their final product - a result of their time, effort and sweat!:
(Yes, it's no easy task. I really take my hats off them.)

Aren't those illustrations cute?!!!
They are quirky, and yet depict the thoughts of a modern kid. :)

And this is the life-form Amos Lee, spotted a midst the audience!)

(Actually, he is the young actor who played Amos Lee in the TV series. I am sure you will find him familiar if you are a fan~!)

A Q&A sharing session which we would get an opportunity to ask them any questions about the series!
(I remembered an interesting question that was asked by a kid during the session was "How did the name "Amos" came about?")

And here's the ANSWER!

Kids listening attentively:

I believe many children love reading the books because they can see themselves in Amos.
How I miss my childhood days! I would most probably be a crazy fan if I were younger.  LOL. :)

(Yes, my dear readers... These are for you!) 

I rushed to take this photo before they took down the banner after the event:

Interested in reading the Amos Lee series?
There's good news for everyone, especially Amos's dearest fans!
The series are now available in e-books format, and you can purchase them to read immediately at the comfort of your own home. :)
(How convenient technology has become... Right??)

Just for your convenience:
Click HERE to get to the page.

Even if you are not based in Singapore, it's all still possible with e-books!
I am sure your kids will enjoy the good read. (Just make sure they don't destroy your iPad/tablet or whatever device you have. LOL)

Of course, if you are one of my few lucky readers, you would be receiving a 15% voucher off your purchase - aside from other goodies that it comes with! :)
Thanks so much for the support!

Had Astons with Abrial after the event (How famished we were!) and she recommended me her favorite - Dory Fish.
(It's covered with mayonnaise and cheese with rice!)

Walked to Orchard and came across a beautiful decor that will create interesting effects for your photos!

BEAUTIFUL RIGHT?!?! (I don't mean me, I meant the backdrop! LOL)

Do stay tuned for upcoming giveaways as well! =D


  1. Oh seems like you had a great day. I love all these pictures. I love to read books. I love your sun glasses instead of the little bow on it :3


    1. Hi Aree!
      Nice to see you again. :) Haha,yeah, I indeed had a great time! Would love to share deals about books with you in future if I come across any. :) It's always lovely to meet like-minded people here! Haha... aww, thanks for the compliments about my sun glasses. I don't usually wear them though, mainly for decoration purposes hehe. ;)

      Hope you are having a great weekend as well!