Monday, 5 November 2012

[Advertorial] My Black Shop

Hi lovely readers!

Are you someone who loves trendy, stylish and fashionable but yet affordable accessories?
(Yes, accessories play an important role in spicing up a boring outfit. You'll be amazed at the difference it can make!)

If your answer is "Yes" to the above,

Here's introducing you:

When I was given the opportunity to choose a sponsored item for this review, I was actually spoilt for choice.
You should have seen their latest Collection #2 -

Fiesta de Verity!

It ranges from different designs of accessories, such as leather cuffs, belt and necklaces.
Each and every design showcases a different style and individuality.

Being a huge fan of necklaces, I eventually decided on a "Victorian Chandelier" necklace from the collection.
(Haha, even the name of the necklace is intriguing!)

I received the necklace from My Black Shop within 2 days, and it came carefully bubble-wrapped to ensure its condition during mail transition.
Yes, you can be assured of their professionalism!

With an attached tag that comes with an exchange policy as well!

Took this photo with powered flash.
I simply love the combination of soft and dark colors! Elegance is the word to describe my first impression of the necklace.


I love the fact that the colors are not of the plain kind - but shimmery-like as well.
(You will be able to see it clearly here!)

Made up of shimmery pearly white and black colors, the Chandelier necklace is as beautiful as it sounds.

Not sure if you've noticed from my previous entry about the SP event I attended, but I actually wore it to match the black dress I had on :)

Initially, I was worried that it would look too chunky on me as I have a small neck - But my worries were later uncalled for as I absolutely love how it matches my dress!

A close-up shot of the necklace on me.
Somehow it has a retro touch to it, and it definitely spices up a boring outfit!
(Now you can see the importance of accessories!)

I love, love, love it.
Even my mum, who is not usually a fan of necklaces, told me that it looks really nice.

I matched it with a new red dress which I bought from SPELL and it looks fantastic, too!
And oh, did I mention that the length is adjustable as well? I had wanted it to remain at a choker length, hence I fitted it as close to my neck as possible.

If you are one that fancy longer lengths, you can adjust it yourself too depending on your outfit! I believe it will give off different results on different outfits :)


This necklace is simply a great addition to my collection.
Thanks to My Black Shop!

Shreky gave me a necklace from the store too as part of my birthday gift! It's a little mustache in bright orange, one of my favorite colors! I haven't got the chance to wear it yet, but I definitely will for my  upcoming events! :)

If you like the idea of being kept up with the latest trendy accessories, please do not forget to subscribe to My Black Shop by clicking that "LIKE" button on their Facebook Page! 

They will be launching more collections in time to come, so do stay tuned as you will be surprised by what they have in store for you.

(Those lovely accessories make great gift ideas too!)

(P/S: Special thanks to my friend, Shrek a.k.a Si Ying, for the kind assistance to make this review possible! :) )

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