Sunday, 4 November 2012

[Media Invite] Be SPellbound by SPELL!

OMG, I'm under a spell.

*waves for help*

Okay, enough of my random crap. I do not mean that kind of spell.

When Andy invited me to do an event coverage for SPELL, I immediately agreed without much hesitation.

Yes, if you are wondering what in the world SPELL is... ...

It stands for Singapore Polytechnic Entrepreneurship Living Lab.

It is an amazing student-run commercial store that is a joint collaboration between SP and Changi Airport Group.

You'll find out more as you read on. 
I promise you'll love what they have in store for you!

As an ex-SP student myself, I felt exceptionally excited for my juniors (and not to mention I'm proud of them too!) for coming this far and having such a big achievement.

I reached the venue at around 12pm, and there was already quite a big crowd at the area. I could definitely sense the growing excitement in everyone!

From there, I had the pleasure to meet Ms Yvonne Chan, the Director of SP's Department of Corporate  Communications who brought the few bloggers around.
(Thank you so much for the hospitality, Ms Yvonne!)

And yes, the event started!
Here are the two lovely hosts, who are students from SP, too. :)

Mr Reginald Wee, the Director of SP Business School giving his welcome remarks :)

We were later on presented with a Rumba dance performance by the students from SP Dance Sport.

It was simply beautiful.

I was happily snapping photos away as I wanted to capture the moments:

Don't you just love this pose? I was glad I managed to capture this shot!

Next up was a Hip Hop group called Soul Ignite.
Gosh, reminds me of those days when I learned Hip Hop (but failed) =_="

The ending pose:

And here's a Cha Cha performance, by SP Dance Sport as well!

This. Is. A. Breathtaking. Pose!!!!

After the dance performances, it was time to marvel at the launch of VerveAvenue (the in-house brand name by SPELL) Fashion Collection.

There are three capsules within Verve Avenue's Fall/Winter Collection - Casual, Smart and Formal.

Inspired by the silhouettes of the 1950s and the movie "Grey Gardens", the collection is all about the modern socialite.
Rich and bold jewel tones of ruby red, emerald green, fuchsia, cobalt and sapphire blue are the colors seen in this collection.

The selected apparels from the store were modelled by SP Student Entrepreneurs themselves, and I have to say that they had done a really professional job!

You wouldn't have guessed that they were only students!
(And not to mention that they are hunks and babes too! Hahaha.)

Don't you just loooove what they are wearing?

The models really bring out the feel and atmosphere very well.
 Those apparels have been done justice.

Loud cheers and applause were heard as they strut confidently onstage.

OMG! I simply love this dress! It looks really fabulous on the model.
This was one of my personal favorites from the launch.

I'm so envious of their height! Dresses that seem too long for me could fit them just nice!

I've heard from Ms Yvonne that this young lady up is a TNP (The New Paper) New Face runner-up! =)
You rock, girl!

The models sporting the blue color:

Look at the above red top! Did you notice the unique design? (It seems to look like a normal top from the front view, but it actually has a longer length at the back! I've always loved designs like these.)
 I was told that the top can be worn in 3 different ways, and this was only one of them!
Having a clothing of this kind is like killing 3 birds with one stone. Heh.

The hunks of SP:

SPELL retails quality street wear targeted at teenagers and young adults of both genders.

Look at those blue floral prints! It's a bold design, and certainly a head-turner!

More designs:

Pink lovers will go crazy with this cute little pink dress. How flattering it looked on the model.

The strong contrast of dark tones and lace textures with the bright hues and floral prints illustrate the transformation of the pair of butterflies as their fortunes changed.

I love this fun segment of the show when the models appeared with half party masks covering their faces. It added a kind of mysterious feel to the atmosphere!

The mood of the collection is quirky yet elegant and ladylike, akin to the two socialites of Grey Gardens.

Walking to the front of the stage and donning the best outfits:

This hunk had a full mask on!

I'm loving the RED one. (Red is one of my favorite colors, so I am being biased here. Hahaha!)

And here's the grand finale!! 

Everyone posed for a photo:

Yes, in case you are wondering - ALL of the designs worn by the models can be found in SPELL.

I couldn't wait to visit the store...

And off I went, together with the rest of the bloggers and crowd!

From conceptualizing the designs to deciding the fabrics and selling price of the apparels, SP students had a hands-on learning experience creating a total of 30 styles for the Verve Avenue's Fall/Winter collection as part of the unique and authentic Entrepreneurship module offered by SP.

I love the interior colorful decorations, made up of envelopes!

Not only do they have beautiful apparels, but accessories as well!
 A pearl bracelet caught my eyes and I almost made my purchase...

Until when I realized my wrist was so unusually small that it couldn't fit the bracelet. (I could even slide it through my wrist easily without opening the seal =_=. YES, it was THAT loose)

You should've seen how upset I was as I really love it.
It sucks to have such a small wrist!!

Look who I spotted in the store!
Yes, its none other than the principal of Singapore Polytechnic, Mr Tan Hang Cheong!
He was listening attentively to the student in-charge about how the system works as I silently captured this shot.

The rack of apparels:

Just for the opening, SP staff, students and media were entitled to a 30% discount on selected designs in the store!

I was told that the designs were exclusively designed and they only come in VERY limited quantities. 
The designs were a result of a collaboration between twelve Singapore Polytechnic (SP) students and a local fashion designer, Michelle Wong, over six months to co-create Verve Avenue's Fall/Winter 2012 collection!

In other words, you won't have to fear that there will be others wearing the same kind/style as you because you CAN'T find those designs anywhere else other than SPELL!

On top of that, the price range is extremely affordable as well. 

Look - They have geeky specs too! =D

Awww... Those bags were sooo cute! If not for the fact that I already have a mountain of bags (no, I am not exaggerating) at home, I would have gladly bought them!

Meet this impressive robot, designed and engineered by students from SP's EEE.
It is not any ordinary robot - But one that is able to GREET and welcome you to the store!

From what I heard, it is still undergoing the enhancement process and it'll have even more "abilities" in future, such as remembering your names individually and giving you a personalized greeting before you step into the store!

Gosh, I am so, so IMPRESSED by the students.

Its hands were lighted up with blue lights.

Posing with the robot is a must.

A young Caucasian girl was attracted to the robot and started interacting with it. It was a cute scene to watch!

Look how supportive Mr Tan was! He was the first customer of the day:

I was feeling VERY nervous when he came out of the store. I had been hoping to take a picture with him (I actually MISSED that opportunity during my graduation and I've always considered it a huge pity)...

And so I figured I MUST not miss the opportunity anymore. It's now or never!

I hope I didn't blush as I walked up to him and said - shyly,

"Hi, can I take a picture with you? I'm an ex SP student..."

And he went "OH SURE!!" =D
(Aww.. He's so friendly!)

If you are ever reading this, Mr Tan, thank you so much! :) 
I am glad to have you as my principal during my SP times!

Back to my shopping experience... ...

There is no other place like SPELL, where you can get superb quality apparels and accessories with that kind of price.

When a red dress in the store first caught my eyes, the first thing that came to my mind was

"It must be expensive with that kind of fabric."

I was even expecting it to cost around $40 - $50!
I almost gasped when I looked at the price tag. It was $29.
And with the offer of 30% discount, it amounted to only $20.

I know I HAVE to get it.

(And I REALLY bought it. Read on to find out how it looks like!)

Thanks to SP and SPELL for the goodies!

Was given a small gift in the bag, an USB thumbdrive with the SP logo. :) Love it!

Well, as promised...
Here is my purchase from SPELL!

Here's a glimpse of the dress on me:
(I'm sorry that I couldn't capture a better photo as I have nobody to help me with the shot!)

Do visit SPELL if you have the chance. I promise it will be a well worth trip if you are a shopaholic like me!
Even though it is a long and far journey for me to travel there (I live in the West of Singapore), but I'll still go back to check out the latest fashion and trends from the store!
From what I've heard, SPELL will be bringing in more stuff such as sneakers, pants, graphic tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, dresses, knitwear, shirts, shorts and skirts as well as more accessories.
And they will be in designs that will make you stand out among your peers!

This is SO, SO exciting!

(They will be constantly updating and changing different fashion styles, so it will be a limitless experience!)

Gosh, I think I am SPELLbound by SPELL. (LOL)
Just like what Ms Yvonne told me,
"You are under a spell!"

Haha, I believe I am not alone. ;)

Well done to all the staff and students involved in this successful project!
I'm really touched to witness how the education system is evolving and soaring to such great heights. It was a great honor for me to be part of the moment, and I am thankful for the opportunity!
I have so many lovely people to thank here - Andy (for the invitation and e-mail coordination), Ms Yvonne and Mr Frank Chua for the great hospitality, and XDZ for accompanying me to the event!

With SP, it's So Possible indeed.

Where is SPELL?

SPELL - Singapore Polytechnic Entrepreneurship Living Lab
Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2

Read more about SPELL by clicking this link here:


  1. nice one Catherine, I am glad you enjoy your shopping and Fashion trip :)

    1. Hey Andy! Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
      Yeah,I have you to thank for this trip! It was indeed an enjoyable one! ;)
      Looking forward to seeing you at other events if we have a chance!

  2. Great cover for the event! I took some of the photos in my blog, creditted :) Check out ^^