Tuesday, 20 November 2012

[Event] PUMA in the city


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It's all about playing! 
(and pssstt... You'll have fun and win attractive prizes as well!)

Dear PUMA fans and anyone who loves a bit of spice in their lives, here's a good news to share!

Be ready for some ultimate fun coming your way - and you are in for the challenge!!

This season, PUMA created the ultimate Urban Play Kit and a series of pop-up challenges around the island to inspire Social Playmates to get more fun out of the city and discover more reasons to PLAY!

Each Playmate brings a unique trait to the team. The Captain, the Kung Fu Dancer, The Foodsnapper and Dynamic Duo - It's when they are together that the outing gets more fun.

Discover new experiences as PUMA brings you the below series of activities for this campaign, namely:

PUMA Social Play Machine

PUMA Social Offline Play Guide

PUMA Social Play Bus

PUMA Social Play Machine

If you are a frequent Facebook user and LOVES socializing, do not miss out on this awesome application that enables you to take on the role of the Captain (a.k.a the leader of the team). Ah, doesn't that thought sound exciting to you already? :)

Go on and make your first move by clicking "Play Now", and the app will automatically and randomly generate three Playmates from your list of Facebook friends! 
Each Playmate is assigned a fun monicker or Playmate trait based on their social activities in Facebook with a suggested PUMA footwear, accessory or apparel fit for play.
The tag function is available as well, so you can feel free to go ahead and tag these Playmates so they can join the action and fun!

It'll be easy and tons of spontaneous fun, so try it now!
It's now currently up and running...!!

PUMA Social Official Play Guide

Introducing the PUMA Social Official Play Guide, it's a fun and interactive mobile city guide that lets Playmates discover the places to play, eat and to have fun in the city - be it day or night!
So you think you are up to the challenge?
Be prepared to be put to the test as some never been uncovered play spots are also thrown in this urban map as well!

Here's the fun part:
You just simply need to scan the QR code on the printed map using your smartphones (that is, if you own one. LOL) and will be automatically led to an interactive mobile app. Here, you will be given easy challenges about play spots around your city. 
Each correct answer will gain you new levels on the map, and a SPECIAL prize awaits should you complete all eight challenges!
If you are feeling smart, do try out the Captain's bonus question to achieve an exclusive limited offer!
(Update: This activity has started last weekend and a number of spontaneous Playmate finalists were already found!)

PUMA Social Play Bus

Now, this is the MOST exciting part of the series (in my opinion):
Be surprised by a 40ft long PUMA Social Play Bus with its own open upper deck that will be at various cool hotspots around the island - looking for YOU to take up their PUMA Social Playmate challenges!
These challenges will be across 3 categories of Playmates - The Foodsnapper, Dynamic Duo and Kung Fu Dancer, spanning across 4 levels from Novice to the ultimate Playmate level.

So... Where do you spot this special bus?
(Psst.. It will be here from 28th November 2012 to 30th November 2012... )

1) 28th November 2012 
Noon - 2pm, Kallang Leisure Park car park
6pm - 8pm, Big Splash car park, East Coast Park

2) 29th November 2012
Noon - 2pm, Car park in front of Blk 203 Toa Payoh North
5pm - 7pm, West Coast McDonald's

3) 30th November - 2nd December 2012
Open daily from Noon - 8pm,
*SCAPE Playspace, Level 1

If you are game enough, do take on a challenge. 
There's absolutely nothing for you to lose... Except winning hampers, prizes and cash prizes from Zouk, Sony and Puma worth more than $2,500

(Well... Even if you are not the winner, I am sure you will gain lots of experience and fun! Doesn't hurt to try, does it!:) )

Can't get enough?
Check out these interesting PUMA Social viral videos featuring our beloved celebrities and personalities doing eccentric/witty stuff to promote the categories:

PUMA Playmate of the Year - Kung Fu Dancer

Even Madonna has done it and so our Playmates rose to the challenge. Check out what Desmond Tan and DJ Andrew T did in this video!

PUMA Playmate of the Year - Foodsnapper


Almost everyone is a Foodsnapper. We shoot before we eat. Check out actors Romeo Tan and Dawn Yeoh turn into a Foodsnapper in this video.

PUMA Playmate of the Year - Dynamic Duo

We all need a BFF, a friend, a partner or  a best team mate. In this video, Romeo Tan and National athlete Russell Ong & YES 93.3FM DJ Xie Jia Fa demonstrates team spirit!

Need any gear recommendations for Social Playmate? 
Here you go:




If you would like to find out more about PUMA Social, do feel free to check out www.puma.com.
For updates, follow @PUMA on Twitter and like PUMA Singapore on Facebook (www.facebook.com/PUMASingapore)!

Hope to see you lovely readers there!

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