Thursday, 22 November 2012

[Bloggers' Event Invite] Pizza Hut Double Sensation Pizza!

Disclaimer: Please read the below entry at your own risk. The blogger is not responsible for any hunger, tickling of taste buds and salivation that may be caused due to the reading of this entry.

I was invited over to Pizza Hut last week (Thanks so much for the invitation, The Pizza Hut Team!!) for their Christmas Pizza Pre-launch Party.

It was definitely a memorable experience with exciting activities and food involved, not forgetting that we had the pleasure to get a first-hand preview taste of their latest pizza - Double Sensation Pizza too!
 (Do read on to find out more about this amazing pizza. You won't regret it!)

Despite the heavy rain that day, Pizza Hut kept my moodiness at bay.
 (Wow, that rhymes, doesn't it?)

I was ushered to one of the tables when I arrived and randomly shot a few photos before the event began:

My Sparkling Mango drink that was served: (I really love the mango bits! So much that I drank a second glass)

Artistic not??!! LOL~

To "break the ice" between the participating bloggers, we were given the opportunity to play a Christmas-themed game a.k.a "The Double Sensation Challenge" - in which we had to guess titles of Christmas songs according to the different thumbnails that were shown.
The fastest and correct answers could win Pizza Hut vouchers!

(Of course, we kiasu bloggers quickly got down to work. LOL):

Unfortunately, my team wasn't the fastest. Nonetheless, we had fun during the process! :)

After the game, we were served appetizers - Salad and chicken wings (AAAH, did I mention how much I LOVE Pizza Hut's sweet & spicy chicken wings?!!).

Gosh, I haven't even get to the pizza part and these photos are starting to tickle my taste buds now.. 

Salad fans: You are gonna' love it.

The different types of chicken wings/drumsticks. 

Soon after, the next activity began - Making of the Double Sensation Pizza! :) 
Mr. Albert, the restuarant's General manager, was there to show us a demonstration  of how it was done and we were given the opportunity to compete in the making too!
(Too bad I didn't have enough confidence to do it for fear of creating the most disastrous pizza in history. LOL. Nonetheless, two bloggers from our team had volunteered to go for the challenge.. And I had fun taking photos and supporting them, too!)

(Due to confidentiality issues, I will not be posting up any photos related to the Pizza-making process. Sorry folks!)

But I shall be a good girl and show you the completed product! 

Getting ready for the Pizza friendly competition:

The bloggers who had the fastest fingers!

Another team: (Yes, that's my team!)

And here's Ms. Juliana Lim, the Senior Director of Marketing, giving her pointers and making the final judgement:

Much to our pleasant surprise, she had chosen our team as the winning team!
However, I felt that both teams had done a good job as first-timers..

Thanks to our team members for the effort, each of us have won a dining voucher each! :)

After the fun and excitement, here comes the next surprise...
We had the chance to taste the Double Sensation Pizza - served hot from the oven!!


Seriously, no words in the dictionary is/are enough for me to describe the feeling when I took my first bite.
I am a cheese lover (I simply LOVE anything that has got to do with cheese) to begin with, and the Double Sensation Pizza did it!
It consisted of a rich cheesy taste if you bite on the sides.

It actually comes with 2 rings of crust - an inner crust stuffed with cheesy sausage and an outer crust stuffed with 3-flavor cheese.

There are also two different topping combinations namely smoked chicken and zucchini on Pepper Alfredo sauce in the inner ring and turkey ham, mushrooms and capsicums on Salsa sauce on the outer ring!

And they have got to be the most perfect combination ever in pizza history, in my opinion!!

I love it that it is not "lumpy" and the pizza tastes as good as it looks, if not even better!

I am not trying to advertise here on purpose or anything... BUT you just have to try it.

(Fact: Do you know that the Pizza Hut staff only use an average of 3 minutes to create a Double Sensation Pizza before it's sent for baking? That's an amazing speed for such a great quality taste!)

The slice that sent me to heaven:

We were given the opportunity to try other side dishes as well, and this plate of  roasted chicken below has been added to my Favorite list ever since!!

(In fact, I kept commenting how delicious it was and the Pizza Hut Team were so sweet to serve us another plate! Lol! We finished them all, of course!)

Look at how happy Abrial was! Haha!
(Oops, sorry, Abrial, that I have to post this photo up.. I just love this shot of you!)

 Cheesy Baked Beef Lasagne:
(Yes, cheese.. cheese.. cheese! I feel so blessed. Hahaha!)

That's Chilli Crab baked rice!
*fainted from delicious food overdose*

I love the chocolate taste! Not overly sweet and pleasing to the taste buds. Awww.

Ta-da! I made a Double Sensation Pizza!
(Naaahh.. Just kidding... I was just posing for a photo with the pizza. LOL)

That's Abrial, my companion!! 

Took a picture with Ms Juliana before the event came to an end.
Seriously, she is one of the nicest ladies I've ever came across! :) Thanks for the great hospitality, Ms Julian and team! :)

We all love Pizza Hut, don't we? 

Our lovely big group photo: I love the props! Haha:

Heading home~~

And yes, we were given a goodie bag each, too!

Gosh, if I can give the the Pizza Hut Team a hug each, I would definitely love to!
One of my favorite items from the bag was the Pizza Hut apron. =D It certainly serves as a very good momento of the event and I am gonna treasure it. Haha.

Hahaha, my hair was in such a mess. But who cares since its the apron I am trying to feature here, not me!

One of the things that touched me deeply was this little Christmas card that was tied to a nicely wrapped ceramic plate of chocolates.

When I opened it, I discovered that The Pizza Hut Team had actually put in effort to do a handwritten card for us!
It was such a sweet gesture. 
If you are reading this, The Pizza Hut Team... I would like to give you a virtual big hug and tell you:

All of you are the epitome of sweetness :)

Pizza Hut's Double Sensation Pizza has already been launched on 21st November 2012, which was yesterday! :) 

Have you tried it yet?

If you haven't, it's time to head out to the nearest Restaurants for a Christmas Party Meal at only $58.90++ (Usual Price: $93.20)!! The feast is good for 4-5 persons as it consists of:

 -1 Regular Double Sensation Pizza
-2 selected mains
-1 Thick Fries on Dips
 -4 Soup of the Day and 4 selected Sparkle drinks.

If you are looking for a meal for 2 (you can consider it a buddy or couple meal. LOL), Pizza Hut has the Christmas Delight Meal for you too! 
Here are what you will get to enjoy with the dea at only $30.90++ (Usual Price: $41.90!):

 -1 Regular Double Sensation Pizza
-2 Soup of the Day 
-2 selected Sparkle drinks 

Celebrating Christmas at the comfort of your own home??

 You can order online at or call 6235 3535, too!
There's a Christmas Bliss Deal that's only exclusive for online orders that goes at $28.90 for 2 persons. 

Here's what you will have:

-1 Regular Double Sensation Pizza
-4 pcs of Honey Roasted Wings
-6 pcs of Mini Hash Browns.

(This deal is available from 21st November to 1st January 2013! So.. While stocks last!)

If you have a big gathering this Christmas,you can check out the Christmas Feast Deal meant for 4-5 persons too!

-1 Regular Double Sensation Pizza
-1 Regular Pan Pizza
-6 pcs of Chicken Karaage 
-6 pcs of Mini Hash Browns
(Usual Price: $54.20!)

.... WAIT...
That's not all!

Stand a chance to win $1,000 cash by purchasing a bottle of 1.5l Pepsi online!! There is one weekly winner for 6 weeks, so keep a lookout... FOR YOU MIGHT BE THE LUCKY ONE.

(Picture credits to: Pizza Hut Singapore)

(Imagine winning the $1,000 cash... You will definitely be having an awesome Christmas! Hahaha)

There is no excuse for you not to try those awesome deals! 
Enjoy them and thank me later! ;)


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