Friday, 21 December 2012

Complaint: SingPost, aren't you responsible for lost mails?

**Update: Recipient found successfully! (Thank God) :) Will be arranging a meetup with her this week to hand over the parcel.**

This has got to be one of the most unusual posts ever.
I am going the extra mile to post this to look for someone (If you are the someone, please kindly contact me after reading this.)

So I received a huge package in my mailbox this evening. Thinking that it was from one of my sponsors, I stopped short in my tracks when I realized it was actually a package that was delivered to the wrong address - MY address.
(We have similar addresses, bearing the same block number and ALMOST the same door unit. BUT we are located in very different areas.)
I am situated in Boon Lay and the stated address was Jurong East.
(Seriously, SingPost.. What is this?!)

Worse still, I believe the package was an item from an online store to one of its customers as there was a website indicated on the package - together with the label, "Daniela black dress (M)".

*Sorry for the poor resolution as this was taken using my mobile phone camera*

The back view:

The customer's name is: Phyllis Neo.

(I tried the Facebook method by searching for this name but it turned out that there were many results.)
Nonetheless, I am trying my luck - Hopefully that I can contact the correct Phyllis Neo.
(If you happen to be reading this, can you kindly contact me? I will meet you to pass the package to you.)

As an online shopping addict myself, I considered this a SERIOUS issue because this would mean the customer would NEVER get to receive the item if it happens to fall in the wrong hands.
I believe that is why store owners never fail to remind you that it is your own risk if you opt for normal mail postage.

After this incident, I lost 60% faith in SingPost services. 

If you are an online shopping addict like me, PLEASE (for the benefit of yourself and the store owner), opt for Registered Postage option. 
I would rather pay more to feel secure, rather than bearing the risk that the package would end up in Lalaland and never to be heard of again.

Some people have asked what Registered Postage is. (Yes, I understand there are people out there who seldom shop online, hence may be unfamiliar with the option). 

A Registered Postage is an additional security to your package and it will be delivered straight to your doorstep by the postman, whereby you will have to sign on  receipt to acknowledge that you have received the item. In this way, the risk of losing the mail in the masses will be much lower - although I will not say its a guaranteed 100%. (There ARE still cases of lost Registered Postage.)
Whatever it is, it is still a safer option to go by; as it provides you a TRACKING NUMBER to track your package too.

P/S: I have contacted the online store, Love Bonito, to link me up with the customer. Hopefully I can return this lost package to its rightful owner. If no reply is given, I will bring it back to Singpost and have them deliver it again - But how much can I trust them after the package has left my hands?

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