Sunday, 23 December 2012

Fun with the kids @ AWWA - KOPFS 3rd Anniversary!

Oh God, this is such an overdue entry. But I am still going to post it nonetheless as it sure was a memorable event worth remembering. 

(That is what makes a blog even more important, right? Maybe I will be my own reader someday and read my own old entries while reminiscing the old times. LOL!)

Ah, have I ever mentioned in my blog that I am a proud member of KOPFS? (King Of Pop Fanatics Singapore).
Anyway, it is an official Michael Jackson Fanclub in Singapore (with one of my buddies, Marie, as the President of the club). We would have occasional gatherings, annual charity events, etc.

Having been a Michael Jackson fan for only 3 years, I felt it was more than that. The people and love I have met and received throughout the years were simply amazing. 

It was our 3rd Anniversary this year and we thought we could do something special ... By volunteering our services at AWWA at one of their annual events.
Basically, it was a day of fun with the children from lower privileged families. (Those children are so OMG adorable. You should have seen them!)

Unfortunately, I am unable to post photos of the children due to privacy issues :( 
Was' feeling kinda' disappointed as I had wanted to share on my blog- but I guess I shall respect the unspoken rules.

Pardon the poor quality photos as they are taken off my Facebook:

Marie, the lovely President from KOPFS. She was happily playing with the alphabet puppets that she brought and donated to the centre! :) 

Puppets? The children were thrilled!

After 1-2 hours of fun with the children at the centre - making sandwiches and playing with dress-ups, we set off to our destination of the day - Marina Barrage.
And that's me, busy camwhoring while doing an advertorial for Glampuss :)
(Yes, this beautiful ring is sponsored by them!)

We brought along the sandwiches that we made: (Egg Mayo and Tuna!)

Captured a photo of MBS at a distance. Cool, huh?

I was totally in love with this kid - She is such a darling - and a totally good sport at posing for my camera.
Kissing poses, peace signs, etc... You name it and she had all done it!
Although her face is censored due to privacy issues, but you can still see her expressions. Hahaha.

While the other kids were enjoying themselves flying kites and playing with water, here we were - Having some camwhoring marathon and taking photos of ourselves. LOL:

Different poses, same spot =_=:

And here comes the monkey shot: (Gosh. we were crazy! LOL)

And me trying to act sexy:
*cough* *cough*

I love our expressions from this shot. HAHAHA. I don't know why I am loving this UN-glamorous photo though!

Marie: I'm gonna strangle you!
Cat (me): I'm gonna poke your nostrils!
Miao: Oh wait - I'm flying!

Okay, am gonna post a normal shot of us before anyone submits my blog to the mental hospital:

Children having fun with the water:
(I dared not go near the water as one of the kids had wanted to splash me with it! - and I didn't have another set of clothes to change into!)

It was about to rain and I took this shot - Artistic NOT?!?!

Afraid of getting drenched, we came up with a genius idea of shielding everyone from the rain:
(I thought we looked like some walking pasar-malam! LOL!)

RELUCTANTLY, the day ended as everyone parted ways to head back home.
I am glad that everyone, especially the children had fun nonetheless. (Those smiles from the children will melt your heart anytime, really!)
I would totally do it again if given a chance.
Special thanks to Miao and Marie for being part of this special day as well. :))

If anyone knows of any charity organizations / service centres that wish to collaborate for any future events, etc... Do feel free to let me know!
I am actually considering to sell my art pieces to help the needy. (I had thought of this idea since last year, but didn't have the chance to put this plan into action.)
Seriously, I don't mind exchanging my passion for art to create a difference in someone's life.
Let's spread the love.

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