Sunday, 9 December 2012

It's the GANGNAM style!

So the SG Complain Queen here has finally fallen prey to sickness.
She hates being sick! (Then again, who doesn't??!)
Came down with a weird fever while singing Karaoke with my colleagues.
 Dang - I seldom have fever! WHY?!
Thanks to all my friends who have showered me with concern for the past days. I'm feeling better now after taking panadols.

Anyway, there are still two advertorials coming up (Yes, I guarantee you that they will be interesting). 
Thanks to all sponsors for keeping me alive with blogging! :)
I am currently still open to more, so do feel free to hit me up at: 

Okay, back to the topic... ..
I have been resting well these past 2 days! So well that I managed to dig some time out to do what I have always loved - drawing.

So can anyone guess what/who I was drawing??!

Another 2nd piece I came up with today:

I think my drawing skills have somehow de-proved =_="
Gotta buck up!
If you are interested to see more of my drawings, do feel free to go to:
I think I am behaving weirdly now, even the way I am blogging now is weird! 
Well, whatever it is... Stay tuned for upcoming juicy updates!

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