Sunday, 2 December 2012

[Review] BOOXIFY rocks!

Are you one who loves surprises, OR be surprised by unexpected goodies?
(Well, I can literally hear you screaming... "YEEESSS, I DOOOO!")
That's because I am one who do, too!

It's the curiosity and mysterious sensation that always excite me when it comes to a surprise.
The feeling of not knowing what it is and yet you are going to receive it very soon is such a thrill.

And that is what Booxify is all about!

Ms Eileen Wong, Chief Curator from Booxify was very kind to send me one of their Booxify surprises - and here it is - arrived promptly (and neatly) to my doorstep!

The packaging is awesome and it even has my name written on a small tag.

*Opens it excitedly*
(but not forgetting to take photos along the way. Haha, typical blogger me.)

A short printed message on a card from Ms Eileen Wong:

I think it's really special because the products details are just within a QR scan away!
Just download any QR scanning application and you'll be led to a page that gives you more details on the items that are in the Booxify box. :)

Opening the box.. And revealing all the packed goodies!

Eco Skin Care - Peppermint Sugar Scrub (Made in Australia)

San Franola Granoloa - A healthy snack!

Handmade soap! :)

A thirst quencher HEALTHY drink - Product of USA and certified Organic!

Almond Butter packets:

30 Dollars Facial Voucher! :)

Special thanks to Booxify for surprising me with the products!

For those of you out there who is interested in surprises - You can join in the fun by subscribing to them on a monthly basis. This means that you can receive monthly surprises (how cool is that??!) that would be sent to your doorstep.
You won't be able to know or choose what the items are (now, that's the whole point, isn't it?)- but be rest assured that you will love them nonetheless!

(The items range from snacks to other range of products - imported from all over the world!)
I totally love the concept of Booxify!
Don't you?

Through Booxify  you will be exposed to more brands out there that you never knew existed - but would come to love. Instead of sticking to your usual brands of products, why not give others a try, too?

Well... Fret not if you have used the products and have no idea where to get more...
Because they are available in Booxify's online store at a bargain, too!

Okay, I shall log off now to explore the products. In the meantime, you can do the same too by visiting their website at:
or join their Facebook page for updates at:

SG Complain Queen loves Booxify!


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