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Nixeux's 21'st Birthday!

Okay, I admit.. I am feeling lazy these days and have been under the spell of procrastination. 
But... But.. that doesn't stop me from blogging!
*self-declaring myself as a dedicated blogger* LOL.

There are a few entries coming up:

-A 2012 conclusion entry (which I am gonna' sum up my 2012 in a nutshell)
- Datsumo Labo Photoshoot!
- 2 advertorials
-Random entries

As promised, I am going to update a *overdue* entry that was dated a week back when I attended Nixeux's 21st Birthday Party.
Hahaha, I won't be surprised if you are wondering how to pronounce the name "Nixeux". Truth is, there is NO such name. It is just a nickname for her that got stuck in my head as she used to name herself as that during the old Facebook days.
It's her actual name "Xue Xin" in backwards form. LOL

I shall let the photos do most of the talking (I have no idea why I feel that I look kinda' fat in photos. Is it because I have been eating too much, or is it just my imagination??!)

Met up with my dearies and we reached the venue around 6 plus - Her boyfriend's apartment. (Yesss, he is damn rich!)
I felt so rich just by stepping foot into it.

Us at the party!
(Miao, Wen, Dessie and myself)

The delicious buffet that awaited us:
(Sorry, I don't mean to make anyone hungry. LOL)

Even though the party was supposed to begin at 6.30pm, but most of the invited guests had already reached at least an hour earlier! OMG. We felt like we were very late! Haha..

"Hey, help me to take a photo of myself standing below this banner just so I can pretend it's my Birthday today!" I told Pei Wen.

And she was giving me this =_= face. Hahaha.

Seriously, we camwhored ALOT while trying to pass our time. I think we took uncountable shots!
And this is one of the few shots that I like - us trying to portray our *ahem* innocence. LOL.
(Sorry, Des, that your face got cut off in this shot. I'm too short!!)

And a photo with our beloved Birthday Girl
(Isn't she a beauty?!)
Well.. Too bad - No chance for you as she is already happily attached. Hahaha.

We actually retook the shot because there was someone walking behind in the initial shot. =_=.

Ya da, Ya da. Camwhored again. Lol.

The dessert - Honeydew with coconut milk?
It tasted nice!

Soon, it was lights off and the birthday cake was brought out for our birthday girl!
This is actually a failed shot due to my camera settings. I still posted it nonetheless as I think the fire looks funny! Hahaha.

The birthday cake~~ (It was actually a YUMMYLICIOUS Ice-cream cake!!!)
It was damn shiok, I tell you.

"Hey, look at me. I'm gonna take a shot of you", I shouted over to Nixeux.

And here's another beautiful shot:

Ready to cut the cake~~

The cake that tasted really refreshing. In fact, I felt as though I was biting on purely ice-cream!
I believe this cake didn't come cheap!!

(The camera guy accidentally cut off Dessie in the shot :( )

A close-up:
(Now that makes me feel like getting myself a polaroid camera, too. Haha, but too bad I think it's quite an expensive hobby though!)

I spotted a full -length mirror and we started camwhoring as well.

Everyone took polaroids with the birthday girl! ^^

 Random shot of the other guests watching TV. Lol.

I aimed my camera at my 3 dearies and they posed.

Let's celebrate!!!
(Okay, this photo is for posing purposes only. Hahaha)

It was indeed a happening party and I would like to thank Nixeux for having us over at the party! =D
We sure had fun and it was a memorable 21st. The only pity was that we didn't get to camwhore with the birthday girl much as we didn't want to interrupt her conversations with the other guests.

But.. But.. There will always be a next time! *winks*

Happy 21st, my dear!! =D
This blog post is dedicated to you! Haha.

It was a lucky day for me as well as I got this from CITIGEMS!
(It was actually a lucky dip and I got myself a pendant from them - One of their top prizes. Hee)

The stainless steel flower design~

And this is a gift from Dessie (She is such a sweetie!) She told me it was a "Part II" of the gift she had intended to give me on my birthday which was 2 months back - and she told me she needed time to do it.

It was one of the nicest and sweetest gifts ever that someone has given me. She actually spent loads of time and effort making this bracelet for me! *sobs*
And she had even came up with a write-up for the "story" behind the bracelet.
Do feel free to visit her blog here:

*Trying to put it on my wrist*
Haha. It's a beautiful combination of my favorite colors. Orange and black. I have always been fascinated by Halloween - and she actually made it somehow Halloween-inspired.
Very thoughtful, Des!!! No words can express how much I appreciate your effort and the time spent in piecing this beautiful bracelet together.
Seeing the gift gave my heart a warm and fuzzy feeling! Hehe.

Gaah, its going to be 31st soon , that marks the end of my 2012 journey...
Seriously, 2012 has been a great year and I hope 2013 would be, too!! 

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