Wednesday, 26 December 2012

[Review] Bambi Grey Contact Lens (Duffy Beau)

From almost 90% of my photos found on this blog, you might have realized I had different eye colors. From brown to green to red and now to blue... 
(Many had mistaken me as a cosplayer, but for goodness sake, NO. I DISLIKE cosplaying.
Sorry, no offence to any cosplayer in particular! It's just a personal preference and opinion.)

I often wear colored lenses purely for events and outings.
 (Part of the reason is because I dislike being seen in spectacles as I seriously look ugly with it on. I still remembered how a friend commented I looked like a turtle!! What the heck?!)

With the fact that I am such a contact lenses maniac, you can imagine how elated I was when Duffy Beau selected me as one of their sponsored bloggers for a review!
Seriously, I was in a dilemma when it came to making my choice for the lenses.
There were simply TOO many series, designs and colors to choose from!

Eventually, I decided on trying put a color which is NOT on my list of favorites.
(I should give it a chance, too, right?!)

Yeah, so... ...

 I settled on the Kimchi series - Bambi Grey color.
Let's put it to the test now!

After informing Duffy Beau my choice of the lenses,  they mailed it out soon after. (Yes, they are really efficient!) 

Here's a photo before I unwrapped it. Lol.

The pair I had chosen: Bambi Grey ^_^

The owner of Duffy Beau had included a lens case - a piggy design- to go along with it, too! So sweet! :)

Just in time for Nixeux's 21st Birthday celebration, I wore the grey lenses and attended her party. :)
Scroll down more and you'll be able to see more photos of me sporting the Kimchi grey lenses!

Here's a sneak peek of how it looks like. As you can see, the lenses are NOT totally 100% grey. It consists of other color tones (such as a slight yellow) that blended in with the grey color. Somehow it added a natural feel to it, doesn't it? 

(Pardon me, my skin condition was really bad -! I have NOT edited the photo in any way as I want to show you the true colors of the lenses. The color will look different if I were to edit this photo!)

A photo of Wen and I while we were on our way to the party:
(This photo was taken with flash.)

A photo with Des and me:

Happy Birthday! :)
(& you can even spot the color of the lenses from afar!)

Here's my verdict of the Kimchi grey lenses:

As compared to other series, the ones from the Kimchi ones seem to have outstanding colors! I am those kind of person who always feel that IF you want to wear contact lenses, then make it OBVIOUS that you are wearing it - by choosing striking colors! Hahaha.

Honestly, I wasn't really used to the idea of wearing grey lenses as I had the misconception that it would make me look "old". Don't ask me why - It was just a thought. That was why I had decided on finally giving this color a try to see if I can "tarnish" that misconception!
But it all boils down to different individuals though. Some people may look good in that particular color, but some just look meh in it. It depends!

Comfort: 9.5/10
 (It seems to have a high water content and I didn't feel my eyes getting dry even after wearing for quite long hours.)

Design: 7/10
 (Not really a personal favorite as of yet, but it is nice enough to my liking!)

Color: 8/10
 (As a contact lens wearer with high expectations when it comes to colors, I feel that this is indeed a striking color that is quite obvious. The color shows up pretty well, be it indoors or outdoors!)

So yes, Bambi Grey did pass the test! Hahaha.

Duffy Beau still has many (Yes, really MANY) other series, designs and colors of circle lenses for you to choose from. Don't say you are not warned though, you will definitely be spoilt for choice like me! Not to mention that their prices are really LOW, too!

Alright, cut the crap - Just visit their Facebook page here (and "LIKE" the page if you would like to stay updated of any new series!):

I will be updating a "sequel" to this blog entry soon, with more juicy photos from the birthday party. I wanted to keep this entry short for the review, hence I won't be combining both the posts here. So do stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming entry!


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