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[Advertorial] Lovelydings

If you are a loyal reader of mine, I am sure you have seen how much I LOVE accessories. 
They play such a big and important role in enhancing your OOTD! (Outfit of the day)
Seriously, without accessories - your whole look will just look "meh".

So here you go - A new recommendation for everyone who loves accessories, especially bracelets!
Wait- before you think this is just another advertorial that I am doing out of obligation - I would just like to say ... 
"Please read on! "

This is not just another ordinary accessories store -  but one that is able to CUSTOMIZE according to your requirements, including wrist sizes (everyone has a different wrist size, so you can be rest assured that the one you will be getting is tailor-made to YOUR size only)  and different assorted colors of your choice!

Now, that sounds really interesting, huh? (It is!)

Yes, this online store is none other than... ...

*drum rolls*

(Yes, they are very kind to sponsor two bracelets of my choice - with each of them coming in individual cute packaging. I love how they wrote and drew on the packaging themselves! How sweet and sincere!)

So ta-da -
Here's my first choice of the bracelet - with American colors (Blue, Red and White) & a gold chain that makes everything look sophisticated.

Do note that the bracelet is HANDMADE - and tailored EXACTLY to your wrist size. (So please remember to indicate your wrist size when you are placing your orders with them!)

I have an exceptionally super duper small wrist. When I first received the bracelet, I was actually shocked  and thought "Gosh, this looks like a kid-sized bracelet!" I thought I had given them the wrong size. LOL.

I put it on, and ITS MY FREAKING SIZE. OMG. 

But that doesn't affect the quality of the bracelet in any way! At least I am loving it because there are not many bracelets sold in retail stores that are able to fit my wrist just like how this bracelet from Lovelydings can!
Here's a photo of my *ahem* beautiful hand, sporting the American colors bracelet which I totally adore.

Here's a close-up to convince you of their workmanship:

Personally, I feel that it goes well with ANY apparel - be it just an ordinary plain-looking T-shirt or something sophisticated. 
I have seldom seen such color combination bracelets from retail stores before - so this is definitely something new that you can show off. Haha.

And you know what is one thing that I like most about this lovely bracelet from Lovelydings?

It's the light weight of it.
 Its so omg light that I didn't feel anything on my wrist at all the whole time I was wearing it! LOL. (I actually went to bed wearing it after taking the photos. HAHA)

So... see what I mean?

Here's bracelet #2 - Blue with gold chain; Suede style!

Notice something special about the bracelet? 
Its actually an intertwined thing - and I think its genius that the combination produces such great results.
This bracelet is different from the the earlier one I've shown here. (Yeah, the style, material and pattern is very much different)

Here's both of the bracelets when worn together:
(Seriously, I have never own something like these even though I have a huge collection of accessories)

Call me a nuisance, but somehow I just love taking photos with their lovely little packaging. LOL.

Well, what I have shown you here are ONLY two of the many other choices that they have in their store. 
If you are feeling funky ; you can have a bracelet that is totally custom-made to your requirements. They have many colors for you to choose from - Just tell them your desired color combination and you will see them turning to reality! Surprise your friends or loved ones with a great gift like this too ; nothing beats customizable stuff!

With permission from the lovely folks at Lovelydings to use their Facebook photos, here I am going to show you some of the great favorites ; together with their latest styles!

Look at the different combinations here ; it's crazy.

With different series of chains that depict each style, you will definitely be spoilt for choice:

Suede Braided Bracelets (B series)

Simple combination of colors - that comes with affordable price tags. :)
(Who says customizable items need to be expensive?!)

For lovelies who prefer softer/candy colors, I am sure this will be a huge hit:
(I personally like the color combi of this bracelet too!)

V Suede Chain Series (V Series)

I think this will look great with dark blue/black tops and dresses!

How about black - The color mixes so well with the tinge of gold! 

 Same style; different color - but it looks so different! For people who love that bit of sunshine on them: 

Weaved Chain Bracelets (W series)

Weaved Chain Bracelet - Another kind of simplistic style that brings out the best in your outfit!
The one below suits vintage. ;) (That was my first impression when I saw the photo!)

Another candy color kind for sweeties out there!

Threaded Chain Bracelets (E series)

This series is one of my personal favorites! Remember the American color bracelet that I had worn earlier in this post? Its from this series! :) Unlike the other styles featured above, this is in threaded form - so it produces a different feel altogether!

If these doesn't convince you, I am not sure what else will. :)

At the point of writing this entry, I realized that they have a new and upcoming series - 
The Designer Series!
Here's one awesome-looking design for you bling bling fashionistas out there:
(Yes, its slightly more expensive than the rest because it comes with sparkling diamonds!)
If you are a guy looking for THE perfect gift for your girlfriend (Hint: Valentine's Day), here it is: 
(If anyone gives me this, I will be happy as hell already! I do not need any expensive jewelries seriously!)

Itching for more or wanting to find out more about what Lovelydings can offer for your desired bracelet?

Here's a piece of GOOD NEWS (Say "Yay!")

Lovelydings are having a special promotion just for you:
Buy any 3 bracelets and get $1.50 off total bill;
Buy any 6 bracelets and get $5.00 off total bill!
(Buy more and save more!)

Yes, do feel free to share and give them your "LIKES"! I am sure there will be more new surprises coming your way! :)

Click to head to their sites at -


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