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Appreciation Dinner at NYDC

Was invited by the awesome Singapore Polytechnic team from Department of Corporate Communications to an Appreciation Dinner for the bloggers on 28th December 2012.

 It was awesome getting the chance to see familiar faces again! (Yes, you know who you are!! :D)

And it was at NYDC (New York Dessert Cafe)- a cafe which I had never been to before. Located at Holland Village, it's a conveniently accessible place now that we have the Circle line! :)
Haha, I am so glad that I am living my life once and had the chance to try it!

Loving all the Christmas decors even though the season was already over.

Look at their special Christmas menu! A pop-up Christmas tree!

A random shot of the other bloggers who were present:

Most of us ordered their set meals - which came together with a bowl of SOUP OF THE DAY , main course, drink and dessert (Did I say Ice-creeeaamm??!)
And not to mention that the friendly staff at NYDC serve their food reaaally fast. They aren't totally like some other restaurants that will torture you by making you wait during your times of hunger. LOL.

Of course, the blogger instinct in me never failed to snap photos of the food at different angles before finally tucking in.
(Lol. I believe this is the IN-trend thing anyway now, right? I am witnessing more and more people - even non-bloggers- taking photos of their food and uploading on to Facebook now!! Aren't you one of them??!)

Here's a close-up shot of the rich chicken soup that tasted oh-so-delicious:

Here's something special about the bowl. Can you see how it is designed?!

A general view of the bowl and soup: 
(I am not being lame by taking numerous photos of the same food, okay?! This is called "capturing its final moments before entering my stomach".)

A huge platter that we ordered to share amongst ourselves - Yes, there are cheese nachos too!

Okay, I am not a food blogger by profession so please don't expect "Atas" shots of the food. But I am trying my best already! Haha.

Initially, I thought the few oval-shaped stuff on the left are mini pizzas. They turned out to be delicious potatoes! Interesting, huh? If you are a potato couch , I mean... a potato fan, you will be sure to list it on your Favorite list. :)

General view of the full plate:
*licks my monitor screen*

This is a lemon juice. Not ice or tea. Just lemon juice with an ice ball in it.
(I think there is a name for it but I somehow forgot what its called. Shucks!)

And yes, its lemon juice so of course it tasted sour, lah.
But its sour in a good way.

Look at the ice-ball! It reminded me so much of a snowball that I imagined myself to be in a place of snow while drinking it. Lol.

Here's a photo I took of Ms Yvonne's food - I guess it was Salmon rice set. 
Looks appetizing, yes? I believe the portion is just right for people who are fussy about being overweight.
And it looks healthy too - complete with veggies!
Probably I can try this if I get the chance to go back there myself someday :)

That's Andy's meaty spaghetti - I was commenting how much it resembled an ice-kachang cos it was a mountain's worth of portion! LOL.

And ta--daa... Here's mine. 
Can you make a guess what my order was?

Okay, not sure if you got that right (there are no prizes for guessing the correct answer anyway, LOL) , but yes - it's Baked Rice - One of my all-time favorites. I always go crazy over baked rice.
Look at those squishy and fresh-looking prawns!

Hot - Freshly baked from the oven and so delicious that you can just imagine yourself sitting on top of the world. Okay, I think I am exaggerating.
But yes - It was really good!

And this was Wei Ming's set. Chicken!
(No, I am not scolding him a chicken. I am saying that this is a dish that consists of chicken!)
GOD.. I just stared at this picture for more than 3 seconds and now I can feel the hunger setting in.. It's a freaking 5am in the morning when I am typing this!
Where can I find food to satisfy my hunger nooooww??!

That's it. I almost ate my monitor screen.
Smoky, tender chicken... .. Urrgh.

And here's my mango Ice-cream. It came in a small cup, but enough to satisfy my craving for dessert. It has a rich mango taste - superb for a mango fan like me.

The friendly peeps from Singapore Polytechnic were so kind and generous! They gave each of us participating bloggers a set of  perfumes - that came in pairs and complete with matching packaging!
(It's perfect for couples because the fragrance is formulated for both genders! The green box is the male version, while the orange box is for the females. Match them together and they form a heart shape! Awww.. How SWEET and genius is that?!)


And I MUST show off to everyone here that the lovely perfumes are proudly formulated by Singapore Polytechnic students!

*sheds a tear*

I am so proud to be a SP graduate and owning this gem.

Here's how the bottles look like! Cute, right??!
Romance II!

And I'm ending off this entry on a happy note - with a group photo of us.

(and a small camwhore pic of myself if you don't mind. LOL.)

Bye, Holland V! I'll definitely be back! :)

Here's a thank-you shoutout to everyone who made the dinner meetup awesome. Especially to Ms Yvonne Chan , Mr Frank Chua and not forgetting Mr Andy who had made it possible!

It was certainly a pleasure to catch up after so long , and I do look forward in collaborating with Singapore Polytechnic again for future events! :)

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