Saturday, 19 January 2013

Heal Spa - Ann unforgettable massage session

I'm sorry for the negligence as I have had a tough week and fell sick before I knew it. 
I was both emotionally and physically strained due to some issues that I will not disclose here, but I would still like to thank each and everyone of my dear friends & colleagues for your concern. 
Yes, you know who you are.
Thank you!

I'll update some of my happier happenings before all the crazy stuff happened - That is my massage treatment last week! It was actually a deal brought from Groupon.
(Yes, I have been on a crazy roll trying out different deals each time so I can share them here with my readers.)

So.. Guess which outlet I went to?
(No, this is not an advertorial and I am not paid to advertise for them in any way. I just wanted to blog about my experience because it was a positive one!)

Yes, it's Heal Spa! 

You know I have this common mindset about purchasing group deals that involve such services. Horror stories being shared by a few customers weren't helping at all.
 Questions such as:

"Is this going to be a scam?"
"Will they hardsell me their services and require me to purchase their packages after the massage?"
"Will they threaten me to buy their packages, if not they'll break my bones?" (LOL)

But I decided to put my worries at rest and just go for it. 
 I won't know until I tried, yes?

So I was ushered to the room by their friendly staff when I reached. 
The masseur (A female, of course) was a friendly and experienced one! What amazed me was her ability to know some facts about me being not able to sleep well, etc when she was massaging me.
I didn't even tell her that I had a pain at my back area, and she seemed to know about it!
The standard of their massage was superb and not those "anyhow" kind. They will ask if there are any affected or painful area(s) of your body, and focus on that area specifically.

I was impressed.

Personally, I have tried different massage services before, and so far... This is one of the best I have experienced! I was served a cup of longan tea after the session...And no, they did not persuade me to purchase their packages at all. (They only introduced me about their ongoing promotion, which I politely declined)

I couldn't believe the feeling I felt when I was walking out of the place. It was as though I was walking on air. (Haha) Yes, I was THAT relaxed. 
I almost wanted to exclaim to the whole world

If anyone would like to know more about them, you may feel free to visit their website at:


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  2. I would still like to thank each and everyone massages of my dear friends & colleagues for your concern.
    Yes, you know who you are.

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