Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Asia's Next Top Model?!?!

So I have been addicted to watching "Asia's Next Top Model" online recently.
(And somehow it reminds me of my old freelancing modeling days, even though my experiences were  peanuts compared to them.)

Each episode of ASNTM is intriguing, and I would often go "SHIT, I wanna watch the next episode!!" every time I was done with watching the current one.
And there was this particular lady, or "model", whom I totally dislike in the show. Yes, for those of you who are great fans of the episodes too, you will know WHO I meant.
(Don't get me wrong, there are still people who adore her... But just not me.)

HELENA. (Yeah, she is the representative from Hong Kong.)

Seriously... With that suckass attitude and she expects herself to go far in the industry? 
I just have no idea WHY she has to be so jealous every single time someone wins a challenge. The look on her face was just apparent. She just couldn't hide the fact.
The thing about her is that she couldn't afford to lose in ANYTHING. When someone else got praised and she fared badly, her typical *#(&$* expression would show up on her face.
And she would admit openly during her interview that she thinks she should be the deserving one, etc, instead of the winner.
(LOL, why must she make herself such a hated person? Is it because she wanted to gain fame through this method?)

Come on... Are you judging the judges' abilities to pick the winner? 
You win and you lose for a reason. If you are reaaaallly good, there is nothing for you to be jealous about. 
Just stop whining already!
True to what many said, Helena IS beautiful. She can seriously pose and respond well to instructions. 
BUT she just couldn't stand criticisms. 
It's really bad because she made herself look like a spoilt brat who would throw tantrums if she doesn't get what she THINKS she deserves.
Everything about her in the show was like , "OH, I don't care. I am just here to win the competition."
Well, winning is one thing. Forging friendship and bonding with others is another. 
Why so brainwashed over the idea of winning that you only see yourselves and not others?

*slaps forehead*

I don't know why she still has supporters believing that she is just someone who was made to look like a villian in the show through heavy editing.
Yes, the show may be edited in some ways... But there are still facts that you can't deny while her actions were caught on camera. (Unless you are telling me everything was a well-planned act.) The jealousy on her face, body language and tension she caused in the show were simply obvious. Those can't be edited, mind you. The only editing work that those behind-the-scenes people can do is to cut certain scenes away and leave the bad ones in to make her sound like she was implying this when it was not. Get what I mean here?

Anyway, I can't be bothered to be angry with someone whom I don't know personally. 
In fact, I find her an enjoyment to watch as she has undeniably added so many spice and colors to the show. (Well.. There is always a villain and victim in a show, right? If not there is nothing worth watching anymore. LOL)
Probably that is one of the reasons why Asia's Next Top Model is keeping her in the show despite her badass attitude.
For viewership statistics, maybe. Ha.
I'm looking forward to Episode 8 on Youtube anyway.

For anyone who has yet to catch it, here is the link: 

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