Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Random Thoughts of 2013

So... 2012 was here... 
And now it's gone!

Still, the memories remain. Seriously, I am kinda anticipating and dreading 2013 at the same time. (*praying hard that 2013 will be a better year.)
But I do have a resolution though! 
Dream big as it may be, but I am actually thinking of writing my own book. 
Lol, this isn't the first time that I am saying this - But my plans always fell short halfway.
Oh well.
All of you will be the first to know if my book will ever see the daylight someday. Haha.

Gonna update happier thoughts!
Was invited to a group photoshoot by Datsumo Labo a few weeks back ~ 
It was  fun shoot ; and I was telling one of the girls how it felt so much like a girl group debut shoot. LOL.

New Girls Generation... ... NOT. Hahaha.

Picture credits to Datsumo Labo's Facebook Page

It was actually supposed to be a shoot for Datsumo Labo's website banner or other miscellaneous designs for their online campaigns.

And... this was one of the designs they came up with!
(Gosh, seriously I don't look very flattering in the shot. My jaw was dropping from smiling too much the entire time! Haha. This was actually one of the many shots that was taken..)

Picture credits to Datsumo Labo's Facebook Page

On a random note, my Facebook page, CJ Cartoons, has finally passed the 800 mark by 2013! Whee~ It's considered a small achievement for me, judging by the fact that I didn't really expect much when I started out on the page.
I hope that it will still continue to grow with your support! :) It won't be possible without you.. So here's a thank-you and hug from me to you! (Now why does this sound like a Barney song? LOL)
So how did you spend your last day of 2012?

For me, I ended with my lovelies - Pitrra and Ben.
(Wow, time flies! Cheers to our friendship!)
Special thanks to Pitrras's parents for hosting us. It sure was a heartwarming celebration - together with turkey, ham, ice-cream and wine! ;) Haha. 
*Glad I am not drunk*

Pitrra made this for us! It tasted really great- something like what you would expect from a retail store. Haha, and I am not exaggerating!
Thanks, Pit! 
(Sorry that this was taken from my handphone camera so the resolution kinda sucks.)
But still... I am glad I captured the moment! 

Guess that's it for today's update.
Cheers, and Happy 2013 to all who are reading this! ;)

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