Sunday, 3 February 2013

[Advertorial] IMPULSE

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, how are your preparations coming along so far?

New apparels, new shoes, new bags...


Did you forget something?
Yes, accessories!!!
(I can NEVER get enough of accessories because they contribute so much to my outfit!)

If you are thinking where to get cheap finds (Waaaayy cheaper than retail stores) but YET full of choices, then you should totally give yourself a chance to read on what I have in store for you.

And if you are a guy, there is no need to complain too because I am offering more Valentine's Day gift ideas for your other half! Just scroll down and thank me later!

Well... Thanks to IMPULSE, it is possible to look sophisticated without going through much expense. 

The lovely owner of Impulse, Chloe, has generously sponsored 3 different accessories of my choice from her online store, and here they are:

(I totally LOVE them!)

1) A merry-go-round necklace - Item code #N0033
2) A leaf headband (That can be used as a necklace too - I'll show you!) - Item code #H0001
3) Fashion gold ring - Item code #R0001

I have purposely chosen 3 accessories of different categories so you guys can see and compare the varieties:

Let's start with the "merry-go-round" necklace first, shall we?! =)

Top view:
I simply love all the details that are engraved on it. It really does look delicate!

Personally, I am a HUGE fan vintage-looking necklaces. 
They are intriguing because the color and design is made to look old but sturdy.
 And this design was one of the first that caught my attention while I was browsing through the store catalogue.

I am trying to capture every bit of the necklace's material to detail so you can judge for yourself.
It's totally NOT those cheap-looking ones made of crappy material.
 (I ever encountered one which looks similar to this material in retail stores but it broke in my hands, much to my horror!)

Darn, why is there a blue ink stain on my finger?? LOL!

And look at this small wheel-looking thingy at the end of the necklace!
It just adds on the cuteness in general. :)

Pardon the strand of hair across my face. It somehow spoils the picture. HAHA.
But whatever - It's the necklace I wanted to focus on!

 CUTE right? The design really appeals to me because the "merry-go-round" actually 'moves'! 
The mini horses will dangle as you walk!!!

I wanted to capture a full-body photo but it made the necklace look small, so this is the furthest I could go:
I matched it with a black dress of mine and I love the combination!
Somehow black color makes the necklace stand out more:

Let's go the Vintage style! 

Here's item no #2: The leaf headband 

I have friends asking me where I got this from when I wore it - So here is the answer in the blog post!

A close-up of the leaf design. In metallic gold.
If you are a headband lover, I am sure this will appeal to you!

One of the random photos I took using my phone's camera while I was shooting this advertorial:
(I believe some of you Facebook friends will recognize this pic! Haha!)

I seldom wear headbands but I totally love the design of this one.
Am considering it as part of my CNY accessories!

And if you are not comfortable with wearing a headband, then pull it all the way down to your neck and it'll transform into a necklace!


What do you think??

Headband or necklace? You decide! :)

Here's item no #3: Fashion ring

A ring that appears simplistic and yet appealing.

Fashionistas, how do you like it?!

Sturdy material, no doubt!

Here's a method to "show off" the ring if you are wearing it:

-Pretend to yawn and cover your mouth like me! LOL.

SEE? Notice that ring?

Okay, enough of my nonsense. Here's something important that I have to share here - and I promise you it's something great.

IMPULSE guarantees you:

♥ Affordability:

The accessories are VERY affordable. Some famous blogshops are selling them at 2x or even 3x higher! 

♥ Quality guaranteed:

They are made of fantastic quality. If my review above is not enough to convince you, then probably these reviews left by Impulse's customers will!   (Click to enlarge!)

♥ Items are true to the pictures:

Sometimes it is really hard to believe what you see on the internet. There were times when photographs of the items you see online differ from reality when you receive them. But trust me - The accessories sold at Impulse are true to the pics! 

♥ Fast Shipping:

Who doesn't love fast shipping? Impulse offers fast shipping as parcels - both normal and registered options available. They are sent out on every working day!

♥ Singpost A.M mail available:
Singpost A.M mail is available too! (Next day delivery)

♥ New and trendy designs regularly:
Impulse is bringing in new and and trendy designs regularly! So do always keep checking back because you may not know what you have missed!

♥ Items are at a FRACTION of original prices:
Do you know that quite a lot of Impulse's products are from the manufacturing factories of ASOS, Forever 21, Topshop, H&M, etc! So... Those prices are really a steal because you are only paying a fraction of their original prices! How cool and money-saving is that, right? ;)

♥ Good customer service:
Have something to ask (eg: measurements of bracelets, necklaces, etc?) Impulse answers most enquiries within 24 hours! And yes, the owner is really patient and nice, too! (I can vouch for that. Haha)


Impulse are going to sell their accessories at an EVEN lower price despite their original already low prices!

Do keep a lookout for the upcoming GROUP BUY Promotion on Qoo10 (or more commonly known as "Gmarket") that will be going on for two weeks, starting from 6th February 2013 @ 7 PM.

And... And... AND!!

They will have a booth at the NUS Central Forum on 
13th February 2013 AND 14th February 2013 as well!

Are you getting excited yet???!!


Impulse will be offering a promotion to my readers as well! If you are interested in any items you see in the store, just include "Catherine" in the memo to seller section during your purchase and you will receive a cute anti dust-cap
NO minimum spending is required but limited to only 1 customer regardless of the amount of items purchased!

Please do note that colors will be given out randomly.

Start shopping away at IMPULSE right now - It's just within a mouse click away! They have loads more choices than what you see here...So... SHOO and get going! ;)

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