Friday, 1 February 2013

[Review] Cocoa B

Are you a chocolate lover or have you ever thought of CREATING your own chocolates for yourself or friends? 
No, I am not going to introduce an ordinary chocolate bar that you can get from random supermarkets here.
What's the point, right?

Here's something totally cool:

Seriously, if you consider yourself a chocolate fan - You should totally see this.

I was really fascinated by their concept:

Because you can actually CREATE your own chocolates ONLINE (just using a few clicks of your mouse) and have them delivered to your doorstep!
It's easy, all thanks to technology! (HAHA)

Its really amazing how the end results may just surprise you.
Let me show you how it works 
(I love their web store interface. It makes everything look simple... and it really is!):

1) Log on to

Spot the words "Create Your Chocolate" at the top bar?
That's your first step!

2) And you'll be led to the 2nd page. Now, this is exciting... Because this is where you choose your main chocolate!
Everyone has different preference, be it white, milk or dark chocolate. 
(For my case, I chose milk chocolate for this review!)


3) Choose your ingredients.

Seriously, this is EPIC fun! There are simply so MANY interesting and unexpected ingredients that you will NEVER think of to be compatible with chocolates.
And they are all of your choice - You choose what you want to go with the chocolate. Come up with an interesting combination, or simply anything!
Ingredients such as Ikan Bilis, sea salt, apricots, etc - You may think they will taste weird or disgusting with chocolates.

Ah , wait till YOU see my review!


I managed to select 3 different ingredients for my milk chocolate
 (The maximum amount of toppings that one can go is up till 5. But I didn't want the taste to get too "diluted". So I stopped at 3!) :

- Ikan Bilis
-Sea Salt
-Dried longans
I was actually chuckling to myself because these ingredients may seem like a ridiculous combination - BUT trust me, you will never know until you try!

The customer service at Cocoa B is really good - They ensure that your chocolate will arrive as "fresh" as it will ever be. 

Ding Dong!
My chocolate creation arrived!
*rubs hands in glee*

*trying to act like an ambassador* LOL
You see, I was even wearing the color of chocolate as my Tee-shirt. 

:Let's see my creation!
Seeing it is just like seeing your own baby - Its MY chocolate, and there is ONLY one in the whole wide world. 
And I really love their packaging. It looks so classic - like a luxurious chocolate brand!

                                                                        Front view:

Back view - Look! My chosen 3 ingredients are in here!
They look like fossils, don't they? Haha!

Yes, you will never imagine ikan bilis with it - But according to several reviews I read, IKAN BILIS DOES GO WELL with chocolates!
(Those little white dots are actually sea salt)

 Posing with the chocolate - Blogger's style- before finally tasting it:

Bid goodbye to the chocolate now - It is now heading towards the direction of my mouth. LOL.

Right.. So here is my verdict of MY chocolate:

Taste: 9/10

I was actually quite surprised by the taste when I first set my mouth on it. In fact, it was a pleasant surprise.
I tasted saltiness (from the sea salt ingredient I added), the sweetness of dried longans, and the crunchiness of the ikan bilis.
Yes, I have never tasted anything like that before in my life... BUT I really love it x 10000! No lie.
I got so excited that I ran across the house and literally shoved the chocolate into my dad's hands,
 "Hey, pa. TRY IT!"
I told him about the ingredients that were added and he was actually quite skeptical... 
UNTIL he finally tasted a portion of it and went , 
"Wow. It DOES taste not bad. I can't believe ikan bilis can go so well with chocolates. Its strange!"

And my mum loves it as much, too. She actually cracked up when I told her about the ikan bilis part as well.
"I tasted saltiness!" she exclaimed.
"That's sea salt," I replied.
And she laughed at the cute combination. 

I would totally do it again and consider creating more for my friends in future.
(They make great and thoughtful gifts!)
But if you stuck in choosing the ingredients, you can always look at their in-store creations for inspirations. Or better still, you can actually purchase the creations created by Cocoa- B themselves! The creations are based on popular tastes, so I am sure they won't go wrong! *winks*
The prices are pretty reasonable, too.

Seeing is believing. Therefore I urge you to see it!

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