Monday, 28 January 2013

[Valentines Giveaway] Romance II Perfumes for the Perfect Couple

Yes, I did mention on my Facebook that I will be conducting a Valentine's Giveaway to my beloved readers.
(Well.. Even if you are not one of my readers but a random passerby, I will be kind enough to let you join in the fun too. I'm nice this way! HAHA)

Everyone knows Valentines Day is just around the corner.. Right? 
That explains the giveaway! Whether or not you are attached or single, I am still conducting this giveaway to everyone! :)

Here are the items:
(If you are one of my regular readers, you may have seen this lovely pair of perfume from one of my earlier entries of a SP Appreciation Dinner I attended.)

No, I am still keeping my pair.
But I have extra ones here (that looks exactly the same as mine) to give away to YOU! 
(Yes, I'm pointing at you)

Its called " Romance II"  (Formulated by Singapore Polytechnic students!); and what's sweet about it is that it comes in a pair.
 (And they smell different, of course! But they are designed to be a pair.)
So you can keep one for yourself and give the other one to your Valentine!

This is how the packaging look like:
Combine both together and they form a heart shape at the top centre!
Interesting, huh?

Open the packaging to reveal the lovely bottles:

Well.. It's not often that I will get the chance to organize giveaways like these, so you can definitely try your luck at winning it.
Not only that, you can't really find these perfumes just anywhere - so here's your chance to own something really interesting!
(I'm going to make it easy, so no worries!)

To win the lovely pair for you and your sweet Valentine, just simply post 
on your Facebook page.

And just do a print screen of it after you are done!
You may either send me the picture link using the Comments box below or safer, e-mail your entries to:
 Winners will be selected on a random basis using a randomized generator. 
(So its completely fair!)
The giveaway will be handed to you personally via meet-up as they are quite bulky and unsafe to be dealt through post.

I look forward to your entries, and GOOD LUCK!!
I will be closing the giveaway on 31st January 2013, 11:59 hrs.

(P/S: My apologies but this giveaway is only applicable for readers residing in Singapore only.)

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