Sunday, 17 March 2013

Complaint: Starbucks!

Here's another complaint again. - Yes. I am so going to complain STARBUCKS.

Congratulations on getting yourself featured on my blog!

Well, don't get me wrong. I am NOT a Starbucks regular. In fact, it was my first time drinking a full Starbucks cup yesterday (I've won 2 Starbucks cards from my company's event).
According to what was stated on the card, I was encouraged to register them online for additional benefits and privileges.  

And so I did.

How delighted I was when I was shown a page that stated about a complimentary drink I would be getting (ANY SIZE).
So I happily went to claim that COMPLIMENTARY drink - only to be told that there was NONE.
The Starbucks staff told me that I wasn't granted any complimentary drinks when he scanned my cards.

Like... What the heck?!

That's a total cheat of my feelings + total embarrassment ! 
Well, since those cards were prizes anyway, I didn't pursue it further since I would be receiving free drinks nonetheless.

Shall blog about happier recent events!
Yeah, so it was my BFF's (Pei Wen) birthday on 13th March 2013.

And she was in for two different parts of surprises on two different days!

Our Part 1 celebration:
Thanks to Miao for her hard work and effort, the celebration was considered a success! We managed to reserve a table at EspresSoup at Jurong Point.

(Yeah.. We got her a Tiramisu cake from Polar, in which Miao had arranged with the staff to hide it)

When the cake was finally served to our table, both Miao and I sang a super, duper loud birthday song for our dearest birthday girl.
(Yes, it was so loud that we were actually criticized by random shoppers.. But who cares, right?! They were just jealous!)

We gave our Part 1 presents to her, while leaving the major one to Part 2.

And here is Part 2 of our celebration - on a bright and sunny Saturday.
Miao came out with an excellent idea - To have the Starbucks staff write "Happy Birthday" on the cup of latte (was it latte??! I don't know!)
We were really anxious to get the job done, and I was glad somehow it was a success?

Yep, we had Crystal Jade at night - with Dessie joining us as well. 
Thanks, Dessie!!

Yeah, the Part 2 present was a Kapibara - Halloween version. :)
It brings back memories, especially those times when we used to work at Universal Studios as a scare actor for their Halloween Horrors Night. 
We simply love Halloween!!
(Yes, it is only March and we are already talking about Halloween excitedly.)
And I am already thinking of what I want to be for this year's Halloween!
Maybe Lady Gaga or a werewolf.. *grins

To my dear readers, do stay tuned for more upcoming entries! I know I have been pretty inactive socially these days (and it is totally NOT healthy as I am so used to being an avid blogger).. But I will be back soon!
I'm looking forward to recording more singing videos and fill up this blog with more of my events and such.
So....Keep a lookout! ;)

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