Tuesday, 12 March 2013

[Preview] Oz The Great And Powerful

Wow... It has been quite some time since I last updated an entry. 
*starts cleaning up the cobwebs around the page*
Yes, so many things - both good and bad- have happened. But one thing I'm certainly glad is that... I have finally recovered from that terrible cough! Yes, it took me one whole freaking month to finally get rid of it. 
Gosh. I am glad I survive it through.
Thanks to all my family and friends who have shown me such great care and concern throughout the period. Although I didn't get to enjoy my Chinese New Year AT ALL, but I am still touched by all the love you guys have showered on me. I can't thank you enough - and you know who you are. :)

I'll slowly catch up on updating my entries and be active on here again - just like how I used to.
Let's start off with a GV movie preview that I recently attended - Oz The Great and Powerful (3D)!

Honestly, I wasn't aware of this movie until Nixeux told me about the exclusive promotion that Golden Village was having. They were actually giving out an Urban Decay goodie bag worth more than $70 + Food and drinks for the movie preview at just a price of $18!
It is so worth it can??!

However, I wasn't really pleased with the welfare of their customers.
Can you imagine how much trouble each and everyone has to go through before we could finally get our butts into the theater? 

We had to go through 3 different security "stages":

1) Surrendering our phones to be kept for "safe-keeping" until the movie is over.
2) To have our belongings thoroughly checked by the securities.
3) To go through the metal detector bar 

Honestly... All these security implementations are RIDICULOUS.
I understand that they are trying to strengthen their security policies to protect the film in its own rights, but have they ever considered how the customers feel?
Firstly, the surrendering of phones are simply uncalled for as it was a 3D movie we were watching, not a freaking 2D one.Are they afraid that we would record the movie secretly and leak them to the world?
Everything about a 3D movie looks blurry once the special 3D spectacles are taken off. Simply put, they can't really work without the spectacles.
Furthermore... ... Do they not know the importance of a phone call? Everyone needs the phone for emergency purposes. By making us surrendering our phones, can they guarantee that there would be no emergencies that require us to have our phones by our side?
Who will be responsible? I doubt they are!

I would have made a big fuss if the movie was bad. (Fortunately, it wasn't)
It actually made up for the infuriating moments.
With all those aside, I seriously love the movie and its 3D effects. I wasn't expecting such great 3D quality, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise. 

The storyline was great - with bad and good witches, too.

It must have taken a great deal of hard work and effort for the production team to come up with such fascinating effects. Everything looked like a fairytale.
It was weird watching the movie - It was like you know everything was fake and yet it looked so real and convincing.
Seriously, I wasn't expecting much from this movie (the tickets were fully booked and I managed to get the 2nd row, which I thought was a disaster as my neck would break)
Fortunately, I survived the movie. Say YAY.

Alright, I shall take a break now and let you watch it yourself if you haven't done so.
Shan't be a spoiler!

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