Sunday, 24 March 2013

Social Media

I came across this image while doing some random surfing on Facebook:

How true, how true.

In our modern society today, this is how Facebook works. You know that moment when you saw a post on that friend's wall - and you thought it was referring to you... (but sometimes, it was indeed referring to you. LOL)

Facebook can be a great tool in pulling people closer together - but it can destroy any relationship, too.
I have been there, done that.
I still remembered how I underestimated the power of social media and posted something negative about an (ex) good friend...
Well... That friendship was never healed, despite my repent.

Of course, if you use Facebook the good way - It can really be a great tool to connect with your friends virtually. (In my case, I use it as a tool to stalk people. Well, err.. Just kidding.)

I still remembered those good old times when everyone was still using IRC/MIRC to communicate.
We used to create channels within our own group of friends and chatted the night away.
And then we have the MSN messenger and Friendster.
Remember those times when you kept pestering your friends to write "testis" or "testimonials" for you?
Hahaha. Those memories are still vivid in my head.

And now? We have Whatsapp, LINE, etc.
But I do agree it is more convenient. We can chat anywhere on-the-go, with just a mobile device.
I do wonder what would be next, though. I won't be surprised if Facebook is losing its popularity anytime soon. This world is ever-changing!

Can you predict which would be the next uprising social platform?

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