Saturday, 30 March 2013

Complaint: SINGTEL

Guess who just got featured on today's post?

I'm going to lodge a complaint against them. *clenches teeth*
Yes, I do agree that Singtel values its customers and I do personally like their customer service support.
BUT their quality of products SUCK!

So we were persuaded into signing up for their *exclusive* 2-year Fibre optic + MIO + Etc package , which their staff claimed that its so much better than our existing plan as we were not getting the most out of the price we paid.
Well, blah blah blah... And my dad was convinced to sign up since we have been a Singtel customer for years.
I mean, our current plan has internet of slower speed, and the channels we have on the MIO modem are quite limited. Singtel then proudly proclaimed that they could give my dad all of his desired channels at only a small fraction of the price he has been constantly paying.

And so the technician came to install everything for us.
We realized that the speed of loading up the new modem IS SO FREAKING SLOW. 
On top of that, we were not informed of any internet connection changes.
Sungtel cancelled my old internet login details and gave us a new one, which I did NOT even know that it was mine until I attempted to connect it using my mobile phone.
The username and password have apparently changed, and we weren't given any of the details. 

What THE heck is this?!
And now I can't connect to any external devices because I do not know my own connection login details.
This is it. 
I am going to complain this coming Monday.


  1. I have many complaints too! Haha. My friends used to call me a complaint queen! Now I just rant occasionally.

    Here's my blog if you are interested.

  2. Hi, I have bought a singtel sim today, but I am unable to make international calls. They receive and hear my voice but sometimes I become unable to hear them. Sometimes it becomes okay. I face problems in making international calls.

  3. I needed to make a recent SERIES (yes a series n not once off case) of poor Singtel service and was looking online AND WAS SHOCKed to learn about this!!!!

    How could they do this! It is not as if the man was telling lies, he was pointing out the truth!

    Then I found your site : )


    This is my experience brought upon by Singtel and yet due to contract, there is no choice but still use their service. What is stated below is just 2 cases out of 4 that took place within 6 weeks!

    1) Singtel arranged a technical appointment to check on phone issues with me Sat 10am to 1pm BUT THEY NO SHOW without even an update! I am specially home for this and now 1plus trying to reach them on the only available hot line and CANNOT GET THROUGH!!!! I was warned if technician arrive and I am not home, I will have to pay Singtel $60 -80 (can't remember exact amount) as they came but could not carry out job - okay fee high but can understand. NOW THEY NO SHOW and I wasted a morning - will they bothet to compensate??!!!!!

    2) The above technician visit was due to 3 days ago I called home and was experiencing funny tone OR cannot get through OR got through but heard nothing. Thank goodness Dad has handphone and I managed to reach home via his handphone. Shock to realise MY HOME PHONE DID NOT EVEN RING AT ALL!!!!! Connection was intact and my home line to make it easier for the elderly folks, we end up using the more expensive option, the telephone line connection and not the cheaper optic fiber. After calling twice as learnt from friend when told her my home phone problem , she told me this happened a week ago when she tried reaching me at home but did not bring up as reached me on mobile, Singtel staff arranged technician visit. GOSH CAN YOU IMAGINE WE DO NOT EVEN KNOW WE COULD NOT RECEIVE CALLs FOR DAYSSSSS/WEEK!

    Singtel service is so untrustworthy!!!! And it is representing Singapore - so embarrassing!!!