Friday, 26 April 2013

[Advertorial] Glisten Jewel - Affordable accessories for everyone!

Accessories are L-O-V-E!

I get really excited when  I know of cheap places that sell beautiful ladies' accessories (I think I have developed a serious fetish for accessories! LOL. So much that I actually bought myself a large jewelry box to store all my precious necklaces, bracelets, rings.. etc. Oh wait - 1 box isn't even enough!)

So you can imagine how excited I was when Glisten Jewel contacted me and sponsored any 2 items of my choice from the store, and I am telling you... I totally love my picks!

Interested to know what I have chosen to feature here? 

Then please continue to scroll down to find out yourself! LOL.

Glisten Jewel's service was really efficient! I received it within 2 days (excluding weekends as the Post Office wasn't open.)

My first reaction when I first saw this..:

The owner of Glisten Jewel, Gen, is a real sweet lady! I was really touched by her kind gesture in hand-writing me a little note.

Aww.. Thanks, Gen! :)

And did I mention that I LOVE,LOVE... LOVE the packaging that the accessories came in? 

Shiny silver box with blue velvety cloth - It looks really sophisticated. 

Professionalism to the maximum level. 

CHIO. Wait till I show you the full version of the necklaces!

Labelled as "Chocolate Dream" by Glisten Jewel,  the name couldn't be more suitable!

One of the reasons why I chose this specific necklace is because it looks really sweet. A light baby shade of pink - complete with cute little charms.


A half-bitten chocolate charm. Any chocolate fanatic here will definitely be crazy over this. :)

One thing I absolutely love about the necklace is that it seems to tell a story. The charms blend in really well with each other - Chocolates, teddy, flowers, pearls... 
Sweet in a dreamy way.

Just in case you are wondering about the quality, here's a really close-up shot of the pearls.
Totally not those cheap plastic-looking materials that you can get from random stores.

And can you believe that it is actually priced at a freaking low price of ... ...

$5.50 ?!?!?!?!

I couldn't believe my eyes either when I saw the stated price. 
I suppose that this kind of material can easily be priced up to $10 or more in retail stores.
No kidding. I have seen lousier quality from other places and they are not even this cheap!



Ok,  now on to my jaw-dropping choice #2 necklace - The Wishbone necklace!

It has one of the most simplistic designs - and not a style I'll normally choose BUT I'm going to treasure this as it holds a strong meaning to it.
A Wishbone is known to be something lucky - and brings luck to the owner.
As cited from Wikipedia:

"In 15th Century Europe it was thought that the wishbone could be used to predict the weather.Nowadays, once removed from the turkey or chicken, the wishbone is dried and then held between the little fingers of two opposing "wishers". Once the wish has been made the bone is pulled by each person. The wisher who breaks off a larger section of bone is assumed to have their wish granted. Alternatively, the winner of this contest may choose to transfer the fragment of the wishbone, along with the wish, to a person of his or her choosing."


It is just that the symbolic shape has been made into a necklace - and you can feel lucky wearing it on you.
(Who knows, something lucky will indeed befall you? *smiles*)

Well, you see...Even celebrities are totally digging this!


Jennifer Aniston:
And here's a photo taken by me on the actual item:

Again, I'll take close-up shots to prove to you of it's quality and delicate design:

Pardon my messy strands of hair - It's flying all over from the wind!
But well... I'm starting to love the simplistic (and lucky) Wishbone design!
How about you? :)

I believe it's really difficult to resist the temptation when it comes to cheap but high-quality items - But sometimes you know you HAVE to get them or there is a possibility that you can't find the exact same design elsewhere anymore.

Can't get enough of the accessories I featured from Glisten Jewel?


Rings, bracelets, earrings, etc!

And best of all, majority of their items do not exceed $6!
(Who says sophistication must come with a heavy price tag?! That's bullshit LOL)

Be it whether you are getting a nice accessory for yourself or a friend, do consider Glisten Jewel. They will be updating more designs in time to come at super affordable prices!
Trust me, you won't regret this *winks

I'm going to feature a few of their designs here to feed your temptation!

Super Kawaii ladybird earring design - only at $3.90! Can you believe that? OMG.
(It's a pity I do not have pierced holes, or I would have loved this to be part of my collection!)

I'm star-struck! LOL.
This is also $3.90! 

Ok enough said. I do not want to spoil more of the surprise. Just head over to their online store at to check them out!

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