Saturday, 27 April 2013

Excuse me, are you a vegetarian?

Before you begin reading my post, please bear in mind that I have nothing against vegetarians in general.
I know some of you are vegetarians because of your beliefs and religion.

Yeah, I respect that.

But NOT when -you have no idea how irritating it is when a vegetarian tells you -  things like, 
"No, I don't want to kill animals. It's an act of cruelty, blah blah... ... "

Come on, give me a break and stop your preaching.

HELLO, you think those poor animals will be saved just because of your refusal to eat them?!
Animals are still being constantly killed everyday, be it whether you choose to eat their meat, or not.

The problem lies in the fact that it is NOT you who are being cruel, but those sellers who kill them for sale.
You seriously think they care? (I doubt they even know what is the meaning of animal cruelty!)

Even if you were to quit and start being a vegetarian, it is pointless because that doesn't help in any way. 
I have seen countless online petitions, requesting people to stop eating animals' meat, blah blah...
Trust me, it's useless.

You think those killers will stop just because of you?

Yes, I do agree that killing animals is an act of cruelty, but unfortunately (and sadly enough) - there is no denial that life works in this cycle.

You can't stop what is essential for human's survival.

How else can those restaurant/stall/hawker owners survive in their business if they stop whatever they are doing now?

Truth to be told, life still goes on even if you decide to be a vegetarian.
(Good luck to you if you are one who became a vegan by choice)
It is NOT easy to be one, especially when all delicious-looking food are made up of meat. 

Go on, resist that:

And this:

I can only say that it's all in the mind. 
Probably it makes you feel better if you are not eating any meat, which in turn works in a psychological way that you are not contributing to animal cruelty... which then IN TURN makes you feel that you are not involved in all these issues.

There are many vegetarians who survive mainly on vegetables for their daily meals. (How else did the name "vegetarian" derive from?! LOL)

Well, you avoid eating animals just to eat plants. And PLANTS HAVE A LIFE, TOO.

It is true and scientifically proven that plants have feelings as well.
So if you are a complete cruelty-free person, you can just survive eating cement.
Almost everything that enters your body and provides the nutrients/proteins you need had a life.

Go google "Plants have feelings too" and read up yourselves. 
Don't be lazy.

P/S: Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to encourage animal cruelty or trying to be anti-vegetarians here. I am just writing what I think are the facts of life. If you can't accept my thoughts, so be it.

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  1. My answer is simple: If I cut your limbs to cook, you won't get your limbs back. Will you? But if I cut and chop some herbs and plants, they will definitely grow back.