Saturday, 11 May 2013

Group deal websites: Are the deals too good to be true?

Yes, I know many of you (including me) out there love to purchase from group deal sites.
 Does Groupon sound familiar to you?

So.. Did you have a positive/negative experience or have a (horror) story to tell?

You know, one thing I don't like about Group deal sites is that it doesn't come with reviews.

And more often that not, you will have to end up Googling about this particular brand/company before proceeding to click on the "BUY" button.
If you haven't done so before, let me tell you this...


That is what I would always do, and 9/10 times it hasn't fail me.

There were times I researched on a particular deal and discovered the amount of complaints it received online - and yes, it made me feel lucky that I didn't purchase it on impulse.

(Picture used for illustration purposes only.)

Most of them (I would not say ALL) are - mark my wordsSUPER HARD-SELLERS. Personally, I feel that they are the most dishonest deals ever offered on group buy sites ANNDDD I am speaking from personal experience.

I remembered purchasing a deal coupon for hair perming services years back, and oh boy, was I stuck in an awkward position!

The hairdresser seemed to be persistent in persuading me to "upgrade" by topping up a huge amount of money for "better effects". She claimed that the one being offered on the deal site wasn't as effective.


I have seen many other similar deals online posted by different salons, and discovered that MOST of them worked the same way.
You purchase the coupons, probably thinking that it's a good deal by paying $18 for $198 worth of hair services (Use your brain to think lah! Do you really think that they will make you walk out of their salon without topping up a single cent by using the coupon? You should expect some serious hard-selling coming your way.)

What's the point of you promoting it on the Group buy website then?

One sentence: If you can't afford to offer the deal, then don't freaking post it. It's considered an act of dishonesty by making your customer pay at a low price INITIALLY and then resort to pressurize them into paying more.

(I have read stories from customers that the hairdresser refused to work on their hair if they did not upgrade! How different is it from forcing people to their wits' end?)

That's HARD-SELLING or "hell-selling". Period.

Well, there ARE still customers who would die-die still not pay a single cent BUT end up having a difficult time at the salon. Don't expect tip top quality services if you didn't pay anything to top up. They will show you what is hell if you refuse to give in.

Basically, I would say that they are using Group deals as a decoy to "lure" customers into their store and talk them into paying more once you step into it.
After researching so much on salon-related deals, I would gladly say that I have given up totally on sourcing for such deals and head to a proper salon.
Trust me, a normal salon that doesn't offer Groupon deals will end up having better offers.

Don't believe? Try purchasing a deal yourself and let me know if you have a positive or negative experience.

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