Saturday, 11 May 2013

Pawfect Pets: Online Pet Store

Calling all puppies lovers..
(Even if you are not, you might change your mind after reading this post. LOL)

Fancy the idea of being a dog owner?
Ah, YOUR very own dog is waiting for you to play with him - virtually.

To start it all, Pawfect Pets is an online pet shop in which you can get to play with cute puppies online. Feed it, play with it... and shower it with your love!

I have to say I was really impressed when I first went to the page:
The mini schnauzer that greeted me was SO OMG-CUTE!! Almost like I own a real dog and it's staring at me through the monitor screen.

*reaches out and kisses my monitor screen* muaahh!!

The only downside is that I couldn't pat it. Hahaha.

The online pet shop somehow reminds me of tamagotchi - but with a touch of realism in this one.
Go on.. make that first step and visit your dog - It's waiting and starving....

I have added a mini pin-up at my side bar. You can either click on it to gain direct access to the page or simply log on to:

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