Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Guess where was I on 16th June 2013?

Well.. Probably you were there...

Yes, I was at BeerFest Asia 2013 - With thanks to the lovely fellows at Kaimay for inviting me over!

Our Complimentary 1-Day tickets handed to us by the lovely Ms Tachi from Kaimay. :)

Wrist tags:

And here we are, making our way towards the majestic-looking Taiwan Beer's booth!

We were invited to sit on the cosy sofa at the booth where we were revealed the most anticipated new flavors from Taiwan Beer:
(If you are a fellow Taiwan Beer fan, you'll definitely NOT want to miss this out. Guarantee plus chop!)

I spotted this Graffiti wall and thought it looked artistic!
(I found out from Ms Tachi that one of the staff at the booth actually drew them all by herself! Impressive huh!)

And... Here they are:

*drum rolls*

The latest 2 flavors - GRAPE FRUIT BEER and ORANGE FRUIT BEER!


Are you excited yet??!!
Both Pei Wen and I were given the opportunity to have a taste of them - and I have to admit that we were COMPLETELY in a state of euphoria when we tasted the Grape flavor.
I still remembered the distinct taste when I had my first slurp and went excited over it.
I looked at Pei Wen and exclaimed "OMG, this tastes really good!"

Hahaha, and she reached over enthusiastically to take a slurp too.
Her expression was priceless.

No kidding, it became both of our instant favorite. Not to mention that the grape flavor blends in really well with the the slight alcohol taste.
(Don't worry if you are not a fan of alcoholic drinks. Taiwan Beer is unlike other beers.. And even non- alcoholic drinkers will tend to love it!)

As for the Orange flavor, it tastes really refreshing!
However, I would say that the taste of orange isn't that strong though.

If you are one who is more towards the taste of alcohol but YET not too much, the new Orange flavor will definitely be something that you will find satisfying.
Don't believe me? Keep your eyes peeled for their appearance in the leading supermarkets and convenience stores near you and give them a try yourself!

Overall, both are seriously a great addition to the Taiwan Beer series. I'll bet you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.
And one thing about the those beers - They taste awesome when chilled! So keep them in your refrigerators for maximum pleasure.

Well.. Moving on to blog about my happenings at the event:

We were given a mini fan each, and it's soooo cute!
(I heard they were the only exhibitor that came up with this idea at BeerFest..And it's no doubt that they are very thoughtful as the weather has been very hot these days. (Actually... ...he word 'hot' is an underestimation!)

Flipping it around to the opposite side:
Well, see that Facebook logo over there? 
Go LIKE it if you will! :)

And here, I proudly present you my FAVORITE air float (I don't actually know what it is called) but I have been falling in love with it since the day I spotted it at previous events. LOL:

The beer bottle float is very cute right! I really hope Taiwan Beer will be giving this out as part of their promotions with purchase. Haha, but I heard that they did give them out during the first few days of BeerFest  and the response was good!

Camwhoring time:

These are actually Styrofoam stands that were transformed into a temporary "table" to hold our drinks:

I loitered around the booth, trying to take as many photos as I could. 
Now, look at those bottles! Stop salivating, I know you want em'. Haha.

Pick one:

I don't know why but I think I look kinda greedy here - in an unglamorous way. LOL. But just for entertainment value, I'm gonna post it!

Both Pei Wen and I took a walk outside and I was still holding this beer float everywhere in my hand. HAHAHA. There were beer promoters from other brands that had wanted to approach me but they stopped when they saw me holding this.

My beautiful bff  - Thanks for coming along with me!

Trying to act like some superstar but turned out look more like an auntie:

That's Jolin Tsai, Taiwan Beer's official ambassador!
(But of course I am not talking about her physical self. It's just a photo banner of her. Hahaha)

YAY! I'm holding the new Grape flavor in my hands! 

And last but not least.. My favorite photo *trying to act demure*

Ah, it has always been lovely meeting the nice people from Kaimay again. 
Thank you for inviting me to your events! 
You know..

- Catherine

This line has been popping up in my mind after I came back from the event. LOL.

Thanks to the lovely peeps at Kaimay for the generous sponsor of Taiwan Beer! #ijustcantgetenoughofyou

You rock!

Alright...Before I end off this entry, here's something that you should check it out (Go "LIKE" it if you haven't):

They will be posting updates every now and then, so be sure you'll be one of the first to find out more details and information about the beers!


  1. I love Taiwan fruit beer too :) Best part is it taste nice and you don't get drunk.hahaha