Thursday, 13 June 2013

SPear Launch : 7th June 2013

I have always been a HUGE, HUGE fan of singing and music (Yeah, my neighbors can testify that! I believe they have all heard my crazy singing in the bathroom. LOL)

So of course, when I was invited to Singapore Polytechnic's very own SPear concert... You can imagine how excited I was. (I am always this ecstatic when it comes to anything about music.)

Just in case you are wondering what SPEAR  is all about, it is an all-new record label established by Singapore Polytechnic - which provides potential music students with opportunities to be groomed as artistes and music producers!

Here is what SPEAR stands for:


When I first heard about it, I was like "WHOA?! Are you serious?!"
 As a SP graduate myself, I must say that I am feeling damn envious of those students.

Run by Singapore Polytechnic's Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (DMAT), the framework allows the students to learn and integrate all their skill sets; from music composing, arranging, recording and performance to making and marketing a record.
(Imagine being in a course that you are passionate for - and gaining those experiences are really a bonus!)

Students will also be given opportunities to showcase their own original creations and be picked up by major players in the music industry!!
This is really something that sounds too good to be true for any music enthusiast student.. But it really is true!

Of course, it sure is a bit competitive to be able to enter this programme as only 60 students are accepted. 

SPEAR record label was officially launched on 7th June 2013 at The Coliseum, Resorts World Sentosa, and I am very honored to be there! (Thank you , Ms Yvonne, for the awesome invitation.)

As I have never been to The Coliseum before, I spotted ushers who directed us there .. And its's near Hard Rock Hotel.

Of course, how could I NOT take a photo at the venue?!
(Ah... I forgot to turn on the flash and the photo turned out blurry.)

Yep, that's Ah Miao and me. Both of us are proud SP graduates! Hahaha.

And... We were in! The SP staff and students were really friendly.. They ushered us and even offered to help take photos.. Aww, thank you all!

We were issued passes.. And I really love the design! Haha.
Yeah, it's me - SG Complain Queen!

Trying to cam-whore with our passes before the event started... And here I realized Ah Miao had held her pass the other way round. LOL.

The SPear concert officially began at 7.30pm, and loud screams and cheer can be heard from the crowd.
It was really heartwarming to see all of the SP students being so supportive and enthusiastic! 

I was really SUPER impressed by the presentation of the show. 
It portrayed so much professionalism!

Everyone mesmerized by the grand opening..
And this was Celestia aka Deborah kick-starting the show with her really awesome vocals.

The lighting made the stage looked... magical.

And do you know? She is only 23 years old and already bursting with so much talent!
Her musical style/genre includes a range of electric pop, folk and world music - consisting of orchestral based pieces with Japanese music influences.

Here we are, trying to take a picture while the stage was shining with its blue lighting. Hahaha. Nice, huh?!

I believe she has alot of fans and supporters! I could hear loud cheers from the crowd after her segment ended. Ah, I am not surprised!

And soon we have the second band performing for us...
They are none other than FORMALISM
(Click to go to their Facebook page)

I love some of the shots that I managed to capture. It was like I am at an actual big-scale concert!

From another view:

This is Beth Yap, the main vocalist and bass.

Their group is quite huge as there are 9 members (with the oldest member only 20 years old!! Can you believe that?!) - but that didn't affect their performance at all.
Their musical style/genre are experimental and original creations.
Do stay tuned if you are a kpop fan as well! Their music taste range from kpop to punk music.

Beth feeling the moment:

The 3rd performance segment is a lil' different...
V 'Bel aka Wong Ay Shyuan (Click to go to her Facebook Page) with her awesome violin-playing skills!

When she first appeared on stage, I thought she looked like an angel dressed in white. Haha.

Look like, right??!

I've always admired people who are so musically inclined. And being able to play a violin makes a  girl look so beautiful!

And being able to sing is such a plus point!

A random shot I captured from the large screen:

Do you know?
She is only 20 years old as well! I'm really impressed by Singapore Polytechnic's young talents.
V'Bel was a Grade 8 violin student whom picked up the skill at a tender age of 5 and eventually passed with flying colors due to her skills and years of intensive training.. Not to mention that she was trained under the tutelage of the father of Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) Assistant Leader Kong Zhao Hui!

Although she has no prior singing experience, she has been training extensively for the past couple of months in preparation for her EP launch! (Yes.. All the best, V'Bel! I believe you can do it!)
Always follow your dreams...!

Ah, guess who else turned up to perform at the show too?
Here's the special guest - Sam Willows
(Click to go to their Facebook page)

Lighting was kinda' dim and I didn't manage to take very clear resolution of the photos :(
But they are really an awesome team!!


And finally... We have Victoria Street

Their group consists of 5 members, with the oldest member being 21 years old. (Ah, so much younger than me.. I feel so old now. LOL)

Their musical style/genre belongs to Pop rock bass category, similar to alternative rock.

And do you know that they have performed at the TEDx Youth Singapore in 2012, Young and Free Esplanade programme and Music Fiesta in 2011 & 2012?!

Gosh... After viewing all of the artistes in SPear launch, I have to admit that I am very inspired by them. Yes, they may be young, but they are already living their dreams and making such intensive progress.
Singapore definitely needs more young talented people like them! :)

Now, here are some of the miscellaneous photos that I have taken in between and after the launch.
I sure had one hell of a good time there, with all the good food and music!

The cute mini burgers!

Ah Miao was taking her food and I was like "Hey, miao.. Look here!"

Our plate.. Looks delicious right! Heh.

After the event, Ms Yvonne was very nice and brought us around to meet a few artistes that were performing onstage earlier. (It was a fortunate thing that some of them were still lingering around after the event!)
I find it a pity that I didn't get the chance to take a photo with Singapore Polytechnic's current principal , Mr Tan Choon Shian as he had left the place. :( Aww.. But it was a pleasure meeting him at the launch!

Here is us with Celestia!

 V'Bel, the amazing violinist!

The Sam Willows - Handsome hunks and babes!

With the lovely Ms Yvonne Chan!!
Such a gem to SP! :)
Thanks for inviting me and ah miao over!

Just realized that we wore similar style of clothing. HAHAHA.
Just a cute coincidence! :)

So.. If any of you reading this entry are interested to know more about the bands that were featured in this post,  just simply log on to:

I believe those young talents will definitely be bringing in more surprises to you in time to come. Stay tuned for their upcoming work.. and don't be surprised if you ever see them on the big screens one day!



  1. Hi thank you for blogging about the event! I hope you enjoyed yourself. I really like the photos you took so I'm going to kop some of them for keepsake. I hope you don't mind =)

    Deb (celestia)

  2. Hi Deb (Celestia)!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    That was really a mindblowing performance you have got for us there, so we've definitely enjoyed ourselves. :)
    Sure, do feel free to go ahead and keep the pictures.
    Here's wishing you all the best for your endeavours!:)