Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Are you feeling patriotic yet?

So I heard that our NDP 2013 song has been released, much to the opposition of many Singaporeans after listening to it.

Honestly, I was shocked as it was something that I didn't expect. 
Personally speaking, I thought the song isn't REALLY that bad (At least, it's kinda catchy)- But what beats me was the chorus, which can really get on one's nerves if you keep listening to it on loop.
It goes like "Let our hearts sing...WOAAAH~ WOAAH~~"
Do our hearts produce that WOAH sound when we sing?!?! LOL.
While the negative comments were pouring in rapidly on the video site, someone was fast enough to make her own cover!
(Do you think this is better than the original?)
Right.. Anyway, since I am already in a patriotic mode, I shall post some of my personal favorite NDP songs from previous years, including those that can only be heard in school ceremonies!
Feel free to make yourselves at home here now:
(Songs are not in any particular order)
#1: My People, My Home
(One of my personal all-time favorites since my childhood times!)
#2: Count on me Singapore
(Whoa! I LOVE the video featured here! *Sigh* Those were the times...)

#3: Where I Belong
(Sung by Tanya Chua. I feel that it's a really beautiful NDP song!)

#4: Together (Chinese version title: 心连心)
#5: My island home
(Sung by Kaira Gong. I didn't really like this song during the year that it was released... BUT I ended up loving it just like any other now!)

#6: We will get there
(I still remember those secondary school times when we were all asked to dance/exercise to this song! That was how this song eventually got into my head. Haha.
What memories!!)

#7: We are Singapore
(The classic NDP song that everyone loves to sing or hum along!)

#8: Stand up for Singapore
#9: Xiao Ren Wu De Xin Sheng (小人物的心声)
There were alot of different renditions, and I chose this cos it's believed to be the original!

#10: In a heartbeat
(Touching video as well!)

#11: One United People
(Not REALLY a top favorite, but still it's nice listening to!)
#12: Five Stars Arising
(I specially searched for this song cos I remembered hearing it during my Primary school times! And CHECK THIS OUT!! It's really a huge classic .. Super retro video!)
Now... The last song on the playlist - Our Singapore National Anthem!!
*stands up straight*

AND OMG, OMG.. I found this video (It's not a song) but a retro one filmed by a kind foreigner. I believe many people featured in this video here are not around anymore :(
It's something worth watching and makes you sink into deep thoughts as a Singaporean, really.
And I was not even born yet!

So which song/video above is your personal favorite? Or if you do have another favorite NDP song choice, do feel free to drop me a comment and let me know too! :)
I hope you enjoyed listening to those songs that I compiled!

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