Sunday, 11 August 2013

[Movie Review] The Conjuring

So I managed to catch the horror/thriller or whatever-you-call-it movie of the year -
The Conjuring - on the exact day of Singapore's National Day with my not-so-botak BF. (evil grin)

Many people have been raving about this movie and I was told repeatedly how awesome it was...So of course it should be a wise choice to catch it (especially when I am such a horror maniac). Haha.. One of my friends even told me that he was scared stiff himself despite the fact that he was a horror fan as well! Now, that definitely sounded like a challenge...

So what is my verdict? Here goes:

It's AWESOME beyond awesome. The movie did not scare me successfully to a certain extent, but I would say it's indeed one that is worth every penny. There wasn't any scene that I found boring, and I truly enjoyed every single second being engrossed in the movie. 
(Haha, you would find yourself holding tight to your seat while preparing yourself to expect the unexpected!)

Basically, the movie revolves around a family of 7 (5 of whom were kids), who were HEAVILY disturbed by hauntings for years ever since they moved into a farmhouse. 
Well... ...
We are not talking about ordinary ghosts here, but demon possession. Think "The Exorcist", if you have watched.

Watch how the family was tormented by the demon until their saviors -two paranormal investigators- came to know about their situation and decided to help them. It was no easy task as they soon found themselves involved in the trauma as well.
There were lots of scenes that portray violence as the poor mother of the family was seen being thrown around like a ragdoll, scratched and everything you can imagine possible. There was not a single day when she managed to pass her day by in peace...

I love the hide-and-seek parts (those were the parts when the audience would easily scream) as the "ghost" would usually appear behind the main character.

And you know what was the best (and probably worst) part of the movie?

That this movie is NOT just your ordinary movie.
Because everything - including the horror you have witnessed in it- were based on a TRUE story. In other words, it is a re-enactment. Even the names remain unchanged. The family you see in the movie is a REAL family that is still living today (of course re-enacted by renowned actors and actresses, lah).. . And even the paranormal investigators were real people as well.
(Except that the real Ed Warren passed away in 2006. His wife, Lorraine Warren is still alive and active.)
It was an interesting research after watching the movie... Go and google them. You will definitely find out more than what the movie shows.
Well... I shall not disclose much as I do not want to "spoil" the "fun". I would say, "Go on.... It's a highly recommended movie..."
Ten thumbs up are simply not enough.

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  1. when i watched The conjuring for the first time i was so terrified that i couldn't sleep for few days....