Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Awesome Manicure Session for only $5!

I have never really been a fan of manicure (I find them quite costly and a waste of money once the nail polish peels off)
But hey, there's a first time for everything.
Oh - in case you are wondering, this is totally not an advertorial and I am in no way paid for the content written here. 
I just wanted to share a place that I recently discovered near my neighborhood that provides awesome nail services at an unbeatable price. 
(Plus the shop assistant was soooo friendly that I feel obliged to share my positive experience on here!)

Ah, I did not take any photo of the place - my apologies.... Only pictures of my nails though!

I chose glittery shade of electric blue - HAHA, striking color, I know.
I've always LOVED striking colors... 

(The shiny fingernails in this picture belong to my dear bf~ Ah, I do not want to embarrass him here, but he was just sooo sweet to accompany me through the procedure. And when I say accompany , I meant HE went to do manicure as well. Awww.... But the manicure he went through was just the application of a layer that is supposed to be good for the nails. Say YAY to healthy nails!)

And guess the price I paid for the express manicure?! 
ONLY $5.
With excellent customer service + no hard-selling or anything! They have a wide range of nail colors for you to choose from,and you can even specially request for a combination of colors at a top-up price.

I went for another session just yesterday with bf and changed another lighter shade of color - It's pearl pink. PRETTY.
Looks nicer in real life, especially when it's reflected under a light source.

(Sorry that my photos seemed to be getting poorer and poorer in quality- I am just lazy to upload high res pictures from my camera ever since my laptop broke down. I'll be getting a new one by end December, so hopefully I'll be more diligent when it comes to blogging then! Haha.)

The manicurist complimented that she loves my nails. *_*
This is a really exceptional compliment for me as I have never taken care of my nails before. I did not really think it's that important (and plus my nails will be easily chipped due to the nature of my job.)
Nonetheless, I feel that $5 is really a worth-it price to have some beautiful nails once in a while. 

Interested to know where the place is?
The humble little store is just located at Boon Lay Shopping Complex - LISA NAIL ART.
It's at the first level - Just walk all the way in and you will be able to find them.
They offer many other services as well, such as pedicure (duh!), etc.
Enjoy and hope you will have a pleasant experience like I did!

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