Sunday, 20 October 2013

[Advertorial] QING TATTOO - Exclusively designed temporary tattoos!

What's that on my hand? ;)
(Noooo... I did not have a tattoo!)

Oh well, maybe I DID have a tattoo...
but a temporary one!

Introducing you Qing Tattoo -a new online webstore that caters to EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED temporary tattoos by a talented individual.
(Don't worry, those tattoos are not permanent and can be washed off easily!)

So.. What's a temporary tattoo, you say?

You may call it a skin accessory and a non-permanent body art - and all you need to do is just pasting it on your skin using simply water!

Kinki, the online webstore owner and the designer herself, was very kind to send me two designs of my choice. (Thank you!)

(Seriously, MOST of the designs featured in her catalogue are very beautiful... You'll know what I mean later!)

I have to say that I was very, very impressed even before I have seen her work.
Fancy that - Even the envelope that the tattoos came in was specially designed by her! 
(And it's made of good thick material quality. Hahaha.)

And there are even instructions printed at the back of the envelope. How thoughtful! *smiles*

And ta-da - here are the 2 designs that I have chosen from her catalogue, namely Phoenix and Dandelion.

Here' a close-up of the Dandelion tattoo, that comes in a set of 2!.

Captivating design, I would say.

And here's a close-up of the Phoenix tattoo, that comes in a set of 6!.
(I really love how the color seems to have a tinge of gradient effect! The transition between black and red is awesome!)

For this review, I'm gonna put on the Phoenix tattoo - and show you how easy the application was! 
As what the instructions stated, prepare the position where you want the tattoo to be on. For visible results, I decided to place it on my hand!

After having done so, just press the paper against the skin firmly.. and dab it with water! (But take caution not to make it TOO wet...)

And... just need to wait around for 30 seconds while the design is in the progress of being "transferred" onto your skin!

Honestly, I was worried that I might screw up during the process...
(What the heck, why do I have such long strands of hair on my hand?! Time to shave :( )

And... TA-DA!!
I succeeded, and here's the final result!
The design was completely transferred; and totally flawless. 
Amazing and fun at the same time, RIGHT, right... RIGHT?!?!

Somehow I felt a sense of satisfaction when I was admiring the design on my hand. LOL.
I took a fun shot of it using my mobile phone camera and added a filter effect. Looks realistic, huh. I had friends asking me if the tattoo was real. Hahaha.\

Ah, of course not, silly.

Benefits of a temporary tattoo:
  • - Cheap, fun and really easy to apply! (Even children will feel the joy!) 
  • -Can be washed off easily, simply using warm water and soap! (Otherwise, it can withstand a few washes without any fading at all! I know because I have personally tried and tested.. and it's still going strong!)

Plus... the temporary tattoos by Qing Tattoo are exclusively designed. In other words, you will not be able to find them anywhere other than Qing Tattoo

There are many designs for you to choose from - so you can slowly take your time to go through them. I think they make great gifts as well!

(Hint: Christmas comes early)

If you are interested to look at more designs (there are many different styles, including funky, artistic, cute ones, etc...) that are in store, do feel free to visit:

or just click here to directly access the E-catalogue:


YOU, as my faithful reader... is going to benefit as well!
Just key in the discount code on the site " D2FCA0" , and you will receive a 10% OFF on the tattoos of your choice!


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