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[Media Launch] Museum of Horrors 2013: The Twins [ Plus Bonus Giveaway to readers!]

**This blog entry comes with a Giveaway! Be sure to read till the very end and answer a VERY simple question to win!**

I was invited to Museum of Horrors's media launch at *Scape Warehouse again this year (Thank you, Ying Han, for sending me the invite!) ; and I am glad to say that I survived the adventure and lived to tell the tale! (Hahaha) 

Thankfully, I was allowed to bring along a plus one - and my boyfriend, Momo, specially took half a day off from work to accompany me. :) (Awww, thank you!)

 I was totally looking forward to the event and came mentally prepared for some good scares. ;)
 I have to say I already felt the "Halloween atmosphere" even before I reached the venue. Speaking of setting the perfect mood!

Yes, the theme for this year is "THE TWINS"... Does it ring a bell to you?

Oh wait - were my eyes playing tricks on me??

Oh No! *Gasp* Did you see what I see? 

Nah.. That was only an appetizer. 

The real journey was yet to begin...

Finally, we reached the venue:

Registration for the Media and Bloggers ...

And we got our queue numbers to enter the Museum of Horrors!
(9 happens to be my personal lucky number as well! Hahaha)

While waiting for the event to begin, I went on a photo-snapping spree.
Doesn't the backdrop just look too cool?

And camwhore abit:
(In the spirit of Halloween, I wore my red lenses! But I didn't mean to look scary!)

Our lovely emcees.
(In case you are wondering, Museum of Horrors 2013 is a collaboration between a group of Singapore Polytechnic students, Movie Mania and *Scape ! Somehow, I feel proud because I can never stop emphasizing that I WAS AN EX-SP STUDENT! Hahaha.) #proudsenior

Soon, it was our batch's turn to enter the place and face the horror that was awaiting us behind closed doors.
It was said that we would be expecting to go through a maze with seven realistic dioramic sets depicting various novel places around Singapore with a reputation for the paranormal.


Pardon me for the picture quality as it was too dark inside and I tried my best to capture whatever I could!

We were led to watch a video before officially venturing into the night...
(The suspense was already starting to build up as we had to watch the video in an enclosed smokey area. The video showcased news reports of death cases, etc...

Were the spirits of the dead lurking around ; waiting for us at the dark side??!

And when the door to our first stage officially opened, I instantly felt like I was being transported into another world altogether.

Can you tell what this is?

It's an abandoned old bus-stop of... ...

Old Tampines Road!

And beware of what is in store for you...

After passing through the "first stage", here came the second scare as we found ourselves in another location again.

A funeral!


The setting was so freaking real that I was shocked for a second.

There was a "priest" throwing incense papers and behaving in the most suspicious manner...
We fastened our pace as we wanted to get out of here as soon as possible! 

And we did... 
but landed unknowingly at Bedok Reservoir Park
 (This was actually my FAVORITE part out of the entire journey. Seriously, you have to BE THERE to feel the atmosphere! Everything was so freaking surreal.. So much that you would be tricked into thinking you were actually THERE for a second.)

Look closely.... and you can spot something moving... Dead body?
(It's actually much more creepier in real life than what is shown here in pictures as I used bright flash to capture them, hence reducing the scare factor. Nothing beats to be actually there physically to feel what I felt!)

The surreal surrounding with "corpses" laying all around...
Would you dare to go near them?

If you feel you are watched, you probably were - indeed.

The feeling of stepping on dried leaves just added to the realism.

Poor victim... ...

Step further and you'll realize you are on a journey of no return...
We were now led to a Red Ballroom; where a wedding celebration was supposed to be held....

However, we suddenly stopped short in our tracks as we came to what seemed to be a dead end...
It was then that we discovered we actually walked into a lift....

AND THE FREAKING LIFT DOOR CLOSED ON US , leaving us trapped in it!

Panic ensued, and there were screams everywhere.
Some of us knocked frantically on the door.
We were left in a frantic state for a few minutes and soon.... 
A side of the "lift" slowly opened...
Relieved, we rushed out and found ourselves interrupting a "wedding ceremony"...

I guess the wedding wasn't meant for the living...

Look at the spread of "food" on the reception table!
How about joining in for dinner....?

As we slowly made our way out of the "wedding ceremony", we were issued a small torchlight that was supposed to aid us along the journey. (The whole place was VERY dark by now and I swear I could not even see my own hands in that darkness!)
Still, that didn't stop me from taking random photos.
I'm a dedicated blogger, okay! Hahaha.

Here's a picture of the torchlight. I captured this in the darkness.

The red stray of light. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall..  Who's the fairest of them all??

Beware of stepping on the severed limbs...

We had to walk past this gruesome section of the trail....

Did I just hear you say "EEEWW"???!

Okay, I guess that was indeed, rather... Eeew. LOL.

I was trying to move forward and "somebody" just had to stand in my way.

I got so paranoid that I thought this mannequin was alive as well.
Hahaha. Silly me.

Eh, no, no.... It was not moving... Or was it??

Can you tell what this is?
(No, I am not going to reveal it as I do not want to spoil the fun.)

OMG. Do you recognize this doll?!
Is it me, or does it look so much like Annabelle the evil doll from The Conjuring??!

And soon, our journey came to an end...
In other words... We were all survivors!!

Here's a random photo that I took with one of the "ghosts" while I was making my way out.

Gosh, it was one hell of an experience!
Personally, I was seriously impressed by the hard work and effort the team had came up with - I TOTALLY LOVED every single bit of time I spent there! Ironic, I know, since it was supposed to be scary and all - but I really enjoyed the unexpected thrill and horror.
That is one of the reasons why I'm in love with Halloween so much - I can never get enough of the scares, even if it means I have to go through it a 100 times!

If you are one who is game enough to go through this journey, be it ALONE (that is more thrilling, don't you think??!) or with a group of friends, I can assure you that this will be a satisfying one.

THANK YOU to *Scape once again for inviting me to the event!

And now, here' a TREAT for you readers out there... 
With courtesy of *Scape, they are giving away Museum of Horror 2013 tickets to 2 lucky readers of mine.. and what you have to do is to simply answer a super, duper easy question. 

Question: What is the theme (name) of this year's Museum of Horrors 2013? 

To participate, just send in your answer via e-mail ( to me with the below format:

Subject header: WIN Museum of Horrors 2013 tickets
E-mail address:

2 lucky readers will be selected to go for this fascinating experience at Museum of Horrors 2013! 
Giveaway will end on 21st October 2013.

For more information and details of Museum of Horrors 2013, do feel free to visit:

Operating Hours
18 - 30 Oct 20136:00 PM - 11:00 PM
(Last entry at 10:45 PM)
31 Oct 20136:00 PM - 12:00 AM
(Last entry at 11:45 PM)
Early BirdS$17.00

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