Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Bangkok Trip - Part 2 ; SHOPPING!

Thanks to those who enjoyed reading my previous post: My Bangkok Trip- Part 1!
As promised, here is Part 2... And you'll be expecting more pictures of the famous Terminal 21 and my BKK shopping loots here!

So.. What's Terminal 21?

Initially, I thought it is one of the terminals at an airport. (LOL!) But you can't blame me... It's just a shopping mall that's named that way!
BUT it is indeed an airport themed mall in which the environment is inspired from real airport terminals. Not to mention that you will find yourself "in different countries" as you go up to each respective level at the mall.

However, I have to admit that the things you see in the mall are NOT cheap. (When I mentioned "NOT cheap", I don't mean it's the unaffordable kind. BUT just that it's not one of the cheapest in BKK..) I would say that this place is more for photo opportunities, rather than shopping! Hahaha. 

Please pardon me if the photo resolution is bad here, as these are direct uploads from Facebook!

Here's an unclear shot of Terminal 21 when we arrived.

Level G - Welcome to Rome!
(Every level is country-themed. Technically speaking, you will be traveling around the world within 1 day! Haha, kidding)

Exiting the level will bring you to another country as you head up the escalator.
Now we will be departing...

Here are some random pictures I took while touring around the mall - not in exact sequence.
I am totally in love with its architecture and interior design!

We found a Taokaenoi Land at the bottom level... and we bought many tidbits from the store!!
There were several flavors that are not commonly found in Singapore, and we just had to get them.

If only I can go to the real London one fine day... ...

The classic style- telephone booth!

Saw this really interesting door gate of a random shop:
I really like it!

There are MANY kinds of food in different country styles as well there; be it Western, Chinese, Japanese etc.. You name it!

We settled for MK Steamboat (My colleagues and friends have highly recommended this, so it was a "die die must try" place for me.).
I've heard that they are famous for their roasted duck; which is said to taste heavenly.
And how excited I was to finally taste them myself!
We got ourselves the Vegetable steamboat set from the menu (which was also one of the cheaper set meals) to be shared amongst us 4 people.

While heating:

Here's a happy (but hungry) Ah Miao posting with the veggies:

A closer look at the veggie set ; and this photo is not clear because it was clouded with smoke when I took it! Haha.. Yes, the soup was boiling!

Here it is - the legendary roasted duck (Yes, it really lived up to its name because I loved it ; and I am not one that isn't usually very fond of eating roasted duck):

A close-up view:

To be dipped in this sauce:

We chose what they call an "emperor-style" rice instead of ordinary plain white rice as we wanted to taste something special.
*thumbs up*
Didn't take a clear-enough version as I was simply too hungry and started to eat immediately after taking these photos!

P/S: I heard there is a MK Steamboat in Singapore too, located at 313 Somerset. I would definitely want to check it out someday!

We headed to proceed with our photo-spamming trip afterwards - and arrived at San Francisco. LOL

Free Wi-Fi registration. Haha, too bad it is only for the locals.

Hmm. Artistic

Spotted a KFC!

There's even this Dynasty-looking warrior being spotted outside restaurant! Look closely- Do you see anything strange?

Yes! He's actually doing a Peace sign! HAHA. Speaking of humor.

We went on to explore the other parts of the mall.. 

One of the more fascinating scenes- We were at HOLLYWOOD, baby!!
Oscar, anyone??

There's actually a majestic-looking cinema, IT store, etc.

Their Combo set.

There are even arcade machines located outside the cinema!

Tao Kae Noi vending machine:
How convenient.

I think Tao Kae Noi's snacks are very famous in Thailand as I came across them a couple of times!

Say Hello to Woody!
(Gosh, I totally look like a wacko woman. I DON'T LIKE THIS PICTURE OF MYSELF AT ALL!!! *screams* But I just wanted to post it here to prove that I have been there!)


We spent abit of time loitering around the Hollywood level and left soon after.
Here is a random photo of their BTS card that we had to purchase for our train ride back to the hotel. (It's just like our local MRT card. Ah, memories!)
Too bad that we were not able to take these cards back; hence there is only this photo to keep as a momento!

I did not get anything from Terminal 21 eventually (Duh, nothing caught my eye and the prices are too steep for my retail therapy liking) However, it sure was an awesome experience exploring the area and just purely enjoying the atmosphere.

Here we were ; in the train on our way back:

One of the MUST-DO things when you go to Thailand is their MASSAGE. The prices are so friggin' low that you'll definitely afford to do it on a daily basis. (I went for simple foot massage almost everyday during my trip.)
The cheapest I have tried had prices ranging from 99 Baht (That's like, less than SGD4?!!) for 45 minutes.

Trust me, you'll never find this kind of price in Singapore. (Most of the prices in Singapore for 45 minutes would be around SGD20 and above!)

However, massaging seems to be a very common thing in Thailand.. So common that many of them had to FIGHT with one another for business.

Here was my massage moment (I secretly took this while the masseur was working on my feet. HAHAHA)

Now let's move on to my favorite part - MY SHOPPING LOOTS IN BKK!

Well... I don't usually spend so much money.. and when I do, it's BECAUSE I WAS AT BKK, baby~!

I went on a crazy spree to purchase LINE character items. Heck, there were alot of such merchandise in BKK; and I got them at Sampeng Market (near Yaowarat, Chinatown)

One small plush toy that may cost you nearly $10 in Singapore is actually $4 in Thailand. See the notable difference?

It's now or never.

(You will never believe that two of them were only $0.40 each!)

Got these lovely bears (I made them into a couple bear) for my momo boyfriend. I was afraid he wouldn't like it, but I am glad he did. :) 

Some miscellaneous keychains that I got at a wholesale price:
(I think I have a fetish for shitty items.. If you know what I mean after looking at this picture.. Haha.)

And I got myself a transparent aqua bag!! I have been looking for this particular kind for quite some time, and one seller in Bugis actually quoted me $16.

And guess what? I only got this baby at $4!!
(It was the last piece when I saw it... OF COURSE I had to get it!)
The real color  is much more vibrant.

We did manicure as well.. And it only cost less than $4 to get these nail art done by a professional!

We even managed to get our name customized on necklaces by a humble Thai man who knows how to speak Mandarin fluently. He gave us quite a bit of discount as we purchased many of them back to be given as souvenirs.

Some random food that I would like to feature here as these are exclusives and can't be found in Singapore, sadly and unfortunately! (So it will be a wise choice to try them out if you have the chance to be there!)

The Chicken and Ham pie (something like apple pie, except that it has a different filling) - only exclusively sold at Thai Mcdonald's.
I believe it was still newly launched, and I was glad I got a taste of it!
YES, it tasted good...The combination of chicken and ham with a crispy touch simply screamed WOW. Come on.. Singapore Mcdonald's.. You can do better! PLEASE HAVE THEM IN SINGAPORE!!!

And after Mcdonald's.. comes KFC... ...
No, I am not featuring this for nothing. BUT I really love this menu item that I doubt Singapore's KFC will ever have.

YES, it's the GREEN CURRY chicken rice set!
(See that little potato-looking tub? That's their green curry, in which you can mix it with the chicken and rice)

Before our flight back to Singapore, we had coconut ice-cream at the airport. Remember the coconut ice-cream that I featured in my earlier post? Well, just don't forget to try out the coconut ice-cream when you travel to Thailand! You won't regret it, especially if you are a coconut lover! :)

Okay.. I guess that's about it for my Bangkok trip.
Seriously, there are SO MANY things to see and shop at BKK that 1 week is not enough. Many of their shops close early, and you won't be able to finish your shopping tour within one day.
Probably I shall plan another trip again, though it wouldn't be that soon.

To me, my recent BKK trip ended on a really happy note:
Here's a picture of my momo boyfriend while he was waiting to fetch me back from the airport:

I was really touched beyond words as I did not expect he would go the extra mile just to surprise me (in fact, nobody in my life has ever done that!) with a sweet hand-written note...
Thank you, my dearest boyfriend.
You have simply went through so much for me.... So much that it is beyond anyone's imagination....*Hugs* My one and original momo.


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