Saturday, 2 November 2013

[Halloween Love] Cursed Studio 2013

Halloween~ Halloween~ Halloween!!!
*sings and dances happily*

With thanks to , I was given the opportunity to attend yet another chilling Halloween event - this time with my BFF, Pei Wen, whom shares the same Halloween passion as I do.

(I always find it exciting to attend such events with close friends. It adds on to the tension and excitement altogether!)

Seriously, I feel an adrenaline rush whenever it comes to Halloween. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to attend Cursed Studio's very first organized Halloween activity!

(Media and bloggers were invited as well; BUT no - I did not attend under my usual identity as a blogger; just a normal participant this time! Hence, there was NO photograph taken since we were told it wasn't allowed.)

Nonetheless, I took a few photos outside while queuing for our turn. Guess what- we were actually the first in queue! In other words, we would be the first group to enter the Cursed Studio. *smirks* It pays to get there early. Ha.

I redeemed my tickets and there they were; with spooky graphics and all!

Here's an official teaser that was released by the team on Youtube; I watched it before attending the event to get a better idea of the storyline:

My Halloween verdict: It's apparent that the team has came together and invested a hell lot of effort and time in creating Cursed Studio. Despite that it is their first time organizing it, I felt that they have managed to grasp the right atmosphere.
Stepping into Cursed Studio was just like stepping into a real haunted house; there were "cobwebs" spotted at certain corners of the areas; and it seemed as though we were at a place that has been long abandoned.

However, there were certain parts that I felt could be further improved; such as safety precautions. I felt that  their precautions were not adequate as the staircases in the studio were quite steep. To make matters worse, the only light source was the electronic small candles that were decorated along the staircases, giving the area a dim glow.
I felt they weren't enough, and had to switch on my mobile phone for better source of light. (Unfortunately, we were told not to do that). I ignored the advice and proceeded as there were certain areas that I really had difficulty seeing and making my way through. The darkness was so much of a hindrance; and I was being VERY careful not to trip and tumble down the stairs. (I won't be surprised if someone actually rolled down the stairs at that kind of condition we were in!)

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the atmosphere that was built around the studio.
But the price of $48 wasn't really worth it (in my opinion) due to the fact that it is a small-scaled one.
Well... Whatever it is, I am glad to go through the experience!

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