Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Introducing You... PricePanda!

Are you a shopaholic, IT geek, mobile geek... or even a beauty guru?
How does being able to browse for your desired items online and having the liberty to compare prices for the CHEAPEST deals sound?

Come on, let's face it. Nobody likes having to pay for something and later make a horrifying discovery of the SAME item being sold at a much lower price in other stores. 

(In fact, I have faced this situation toooo many times and would only find myself feeling HELPLESSLY frustrated, again and again.)
There were times when I wished there would be a central platform that could show me a list of prices just so I could compare them for the best deal.


So what is PricePanda?

It is a renowned online price comparison website that aims to provide you - the end user- the latest and best product prices, as well as the latest news and information you would want to know before buying!
In other words, PricePanda is a handy tool when it comes to some wise shopping.. 
There is no obligation when using the website; just spend some time browsing through it and do your research... You'll be sure to save money and avoid bad shopping experiences!

Personally, I am one who takes customers' reviews seriously and would read through them thoroughly before making a decision in my purchase; especially when it comes to electronic products. Yes, I think that online reviews are VERY useful when it comes to decision-making.

And how glad I am to know that PricePanda offers such service too - and they even provide detailed product specifications, as well as product and shop reviews from customers and industry experts! Speak about a positive and careful shopping experience!

Almost any product, especially electronic gadgets and such, can be found in PricePanda :
It's a virtual place where everything is within a click away.

If you are intending to purchase any electronic devices, such as tablets or mobile phones - you can try PricePanda for yourself!
With a wide variety of products ranging from electronics, household appliances, gaming software to even beauty products (Yes, you name it...)... you will be sure to have an improved shopping experience!

They have an interactive Facebook page as well (Do "LIKE" them for more great deals and latest tech news!)

Official website:

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  1. Am mm I ‘m hungering for shopping, for about 9 years. In fact I am looking for vendor, which increases my lipsticks and glosses stock every week... Yeah! I know, I’m talking about magic. I wish I‘ll open my draw each day and my stock will be doubled every day!

    But all in fail. Although, I failed to get all that but succeeded to find some price comparison and store grabbing sites that may help me some more to get my desired deals.
    Me just Praying, may these all work including paylessdeal.com.au, pricerunner.com.au and some others .

    Can these helpful to compare deals from different vendors ?