Sunday, 22 December 2013

[AMAZING] Windows on the Past

So I was doing some random browsing on Facebook and came across something that literally got stuck in my head. It was so mind-blowing that I felt as though I was out of this world. Believe me, I was so deeply intrigued.

I have always been fascinated with things of the past, be it people or objects. I can spend hours browsing at historic artifacts while immersing myself in that moment; wondering about the stories behind them. 
The feeling is like being transported back to the past MENTALLY, and I was witnessing the past through a simple historic object presented before me.
Here are some amazing work by artist and photographer, Hungarian Zoltan Kerenyi.
It's very interesting how he blended photos of the past and present together to form the perfect interception.

Same venue, different generation.
It's like a window to the past - People are stepping on the same ground as those who were there decades ago; and we are now looking at the beautiful combination of both.

Enjoy the breathtaking edited photographs that will give you an instant transportation back in history...

OH WAIT - I think you should listen to this and scroll through the photographs at the same time - EARGASM GUARANTEED!

Different dressing style...

The true beauty beyond words... I wish I could find more amazing stuff like these!! :)

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