Friday, 27 December 2013

[Event Invite] Rhythm of Christmas concert!

Hi readers! I apologize for the lack of updates lately as I was busy with life.
(Yeah, I took a week off from work - just in time to celebrate the festive season of Christmas!)

I was recently invited to an exclusive concert (Thank you, Singapore Polytechnic!) - Rhythm of Christmas by Shun Ng and Lawrence Watson. (Just the name of the concert alone is enough to bring on the Christmas mood!)

Here's me posing with the event poster:
(& I have to emphasize that I love my holographic pants! I was in such a colorful mood that day that I felt I had to dress in a colorful manner. LOL. Thanks to my momo boyfriend who bought them for me!)

With Momo; with thanks to the random passerby who helped us to take this photo:

We were around 5 minutes late due to the traffic jam (Dang!); and the concert had already begun when we entered the dimly-lit hall.

Unfortunately, I guess photography was not really allowed and I did not manage to capture many photos. I stole this image from Shun Ng's webbie, so... ... I own no rights to it!

I have to admit that Shun Ng has a really impressive voice that had me stare in awe as he gave his best performance. (Not to mention that he plays the guitar in such a manner that it was unbelievable.)
As I am one who seldom attend concerts; Shun has definitely caught my attention with his musical talent. It was apparent that his passion for music was overpowering (damn, and I was so tempted to learn the guitar after watching him).
During the time that he was onstage, it felt like he owned it. From soothing ballads to hippy songs; nothing seemed to be too difficult for him. And oh, did I mention that he wrote his own songs too?!

I read up a bit about him online (His webbie:; and I was pleasantly surprised to know that he is a Singapore Polytechnic graduate from Diploma in Music Audio Technology! (Now how I wish I had the opportunity to be in that course during my early SP days!!!)

Talk about SP's glory

Shun's potential and talent eventually caught the attention of guitar-making genius, Jeffrey Yong, in which he was invited to perform at international guitar festivals. 
In January 2012, Shun launched his debut album "Funky Thumb Stuff"! 
His future remains bright as he was accepted into Berklee College of Music and awarded a scholarship as well.

It was a pity that I did not have much opportunity to capture the essence of the concert through photography due to the restrictions; else I would have spammed my camera with limitless photos!
Nonetheless, here are two not-so-well-shot photographs (better than nothing, I guess :( ):

The below are features of Lawrence Watson; whom collaborated with Shun onstage for a few songs. Another musician that WOW-ed me with such mesmerizing performance. Honestly, they deserve a bigger stage and worldwide recognition with such potential:

Both musicians totally took music to a whole new level - and I was seriously stunned by their talent. You have to be physically there to witness it yourself as words are not enough to express my experience :)

Pssst... I got their posters!! YAY.

Thank you once again to Singapore Polytechnic, especially Jiunn Ngee, for inviting me to the concert that left such a deep impression on me.
I had a blast and enjoyed soaking in the Christmas atmosphere. As the name goes, it's indeed the RHYTHM OF CHRISTMAS!

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